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Fetal Malpresentation

Aka: Fetal Malpresentation
  1. See Also
    1. Fetal Presentation
    2. Fetal Lie
    3. Fetal Position
    4. Twin Gestation
    5. Occiput Posterior
    6. Breech Presentation
    7. Face Presentation
    8. Brow Presentation
  2. Precautions
    1. Avoid Oxytocin in most malpresentations except
      1. Occiput Posterior
      2. Twin Vaginal Delivery
    2. Consider Terbutaline SC before Cesarean Section
    3. Consider maternal position changes
  3. Presentations
    1. Occiput Posterior (10%)
      1. Vaginal Delivery
    2. Face Presentation (<0.2% or 1 in 550 live births; full extension of fetal head, occiput against upper back)
      1. Mentum Anterior or Face Anterior
        1. Vaginal Delivery
      2. Mentum Posterior or Face Posterior
        1. Cesarean Section
      3. Brow (0.02%) and not converted to face or occiput
        1. Vaginal Delivery
    3. Compound Presentation (<0.5%)
      1. Vaginal Delivery
    4. Transverse Presentation (0.3%):
      1. Obstetric Ultrasound
      2. Attempt External Cephalic Version
      3. Cesarean Section for failed version
        1. Consider uterine vertical incision

Fetal Malpresentation (C0233256)

Definition (NCI) Any presentation other than a vertex presentation. (reVITALize)(NICHD)
Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D007746
SnomedCT 199342004, 156155001, 363129008, 156161003, 267328006, 15028002, 80002007
French Mauvaise présentation foetale, Présentation vicieuse du foetus, Anomalie de présentation du foetus, Présentation anormale du foetus, Présentation foetale anormale, Anomalie de présentation foetale, Présentation dystocique
Italian Malpresentazione fetale
German fetale Fehllage, Anomale Kindslage unter der Geburt
Portuguese Má apresentação fetal, Anomalia da apresentação fetal
Spanish Presentación fetal anómala, presentación anómala de feto, SAI (entidad observable), presentación fetal defectuosa, malpresentación fetal, presentación fetal anómala, presentación fetal defectuosa (hallazgo), presentación fetal anómala (trastorno), malpresentación del feto, presentación fetal anómala (hallazgo), presentación fetal defectuosa (trastorno), presentación anómala de feto, SAI, alteración de la presentación fetal (trastorno), presentación anómala de feto, SAI (trastorno), Malpresentation of fetus NOS, alteración de la presentación fetal, presentación anormal del feto, presentación fetal anormal, Anomalía de la presentación fetal
Japanese 胎位異常, タイイイジョウ
English Malpresentation of fetus NOS, malpresentation (physical finding), malpresentation of fetus (diagnosis), malpresentation, malpresentation of fetus, malpresentations, Disorder of fetal presentation, Disorder of fetal presentation (disorder), Malpresentation of fetus NOS (disorder), Malpresentation of Fetus, Malpresentation, Foetal malpresentation, Fetal malpresentation, Malpresentation of fetus, Abnormal fetal presentation (finding), Abnormal fetal presentation, Malpresentation of fetus (disorder), Abnormal fetal presentation, NOS, Fetal malpresentation, NOS, Malpresentation of fetus, NOS, Foetal malpresentation, NOS, Fetal Malpresentations, Malpresentation, Fetal, Fetal Malpresentation, Malpresentation of fetus NOS (observable entity)
Czech Nepravidelná poloha plodu
Hungarian Magzati malpresentatio, Magzati tartási rendellenesség
Dutch verkeerde ligging van foetus
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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