Obstetrics Book


Breast Feeding Problems for the Infant

Aka: Breast Feeding Problems for the Infant, Lactation Problems for the Infant
  1. See Also
    1. Infant Feeding
    2. Infant Nutritional Sources
    3. Infant Nutrition Components
    4. Breast Feeding
    5. Breast Feeding Technique
    6. Lactation Vitamin Supplementation
    7. Medications in Lactation
    8. Breast Feeding Problems for the Mother
    9. Nipple Soreness in Lactation
    10. Lactation for Infant with Cleft Lip or Palate
    11. Lactation for the Premature Infant
    12. Lactation Resources
  2. Management: Good baby (Sleeps during feeds)
    1. Teach mother to watch for hunger facial movements
    2. Stimulate the child
      1. Diaper change
      2. Massage
      3. Visual stimulation
  3. Management: Hungry baby
    1. Increase frequency and length of feeds for growth spurt
    2. Milk production will increase
  4. Management: Jaundice
    1. See Breast Milk Jaundice
  5. Management: Poor Weight gain
    1. Frequent nursing (every 2-3 hours)
    2. Allow adequate time for infant to feed
    3. Consider supplemental nursing system
    4. See Breast Feeding Pearls
  6. References
    1. Neifert (2001) Pediatr Clin North Am 48(2):273-97 [PubMed]
      1. Prevention of Breast Feeding Tragedies

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