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Obstetrics Books

Aka: Obstetrics Books, Obstetrics Resources
  1. See Also
    1. Obstetrics Links
    2. Obstetrics Patient Education
  2. Resources: Primary Care Library Recommendations
    1. Briggs (2014) Drugs in Pregnancy, Williams and Wilkins
      1. Paid link to Amazon.com (ISBN 1451190824)
    2. Gabbe (2012) Obstetrics, Churchill Livingstone
      1. Paid link to Amazon.com (ISBN 143771935X)
    3. Callen (2007) Ultrasonography in Obstetrics Gynecology
      1. Paid link to Amazon.com (ISBN 1416032649)
    4. Cunningham (2014) William's Obstetrics, 19th Ed, A&L
      1. Paid link to Amazon.com (ISBN 0071798935)
  3. Resources: Medical Student Library Recommendations
    1. Hanretty (2009) Obstetrics Illustrated, Churchill
      1. Paid link to Amazon.com (ISBN 070203066X)
    2. Moore (2009), Essentials Obstetrics and Gynecology, Saunders
      1. Paid link to Amazon.com (ISBN 1416059407)
  4. Resources: Lab Coat Resource Recommendations
    1. Mark Brancel, MD Pocket Cards (all apps)
      1. https://sites.google.com/site/pocketreferenceguidelines/
      2. Includes OB Emergencies and urgencies, Prenatal Care and neonatal care guidelines

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