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Fetal Growth

Aka: Fetal Growth, Intrauterine Growth
  1. See Also
    1. Intrauterine Growth Retardation (Small for Gestational Age)
    2. Fetal Macrosomia (Large for Gestational Age)
  2. Exam: Normal Fetal Growth (50th percentile)
    1. Week 8: 1g and 4cm long
    2. Week 10: 5g and 6cm long
    3. Week 12: 20g and 9cm long
    4. Week 14: 60g and 12cm long
    5. Week 16: 120g and 16cm long
    6. Week 18: 220g and 20cm long
    7. Week 20: 330g and 25cm long
    8. Week 22: 460g and 28cm long (1 pound)
    9. Week 24: 650g and 30cm long
    10. Week 26: 850g and 32cm long
    11. Week 28: 1100g and 35cm long
    12. Week 30: 1420g and 38cm long (3 pounds)
    13. Week 32: 1750g and 40cm long
    14. Week 34: 2080g and 42cm long (4.5 pounds)
    15. Week 36: 2420g and 45cm long
    16. Week 38: 2900g and 48cm long
    17. Week 40: 3250g and 50cm long (7 pounds)

Fetal Growth (C0743925)

Concepts Physiologic Function (T039)
MSH D047109
German Fötales Wachtum, Fetales Wachstum
French Croissance foetale, Croissance du foetus
English fetal growth, Growth, Fetal, Fetal Growth
Italian Crescita fetale
Czech plod - růst, fétus - růst
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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