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LATCH Score for Breastfeeding Assessment

Aka: LATCH Score for Breastfeeding Assessment
  1. See Also
    1. Lactation
    2. Lactation Technique
    3. Lactation Problems for the Infant
    4. Lactation Problems for the Mother
  2. Criteria: LATCH acronym
    1. Latch
      1. Score 0 points: No Latch
      2. Score 1 points: Repeated attempts; mother holds nipple in infant's mouth and must stimulate infant to suck
      3. Score 2 points: Infant grasps Breast, Tongue down, lips curled back, rhythmic sucking
    2. Audible Swallowing
      1. Score 0 points: None
      2. Score 1 points: A few with infant stimulation
      3. Score 2 points: Spontaneous, intermittent on first day of life, then frequent
    3. Type of Nipple
      1. Score 0 points: Inverted Nipple
      2. Score 1 points: Flat Nipple
      3. Score 2 points: Everted Nipple (after stimulation)
    4. Comfort of mother
      1. Score 0 points: Breasts engorged, cracked, bleeding; large Blisters or Bruising; severe discomfort
      2. Score 1 points: Breasts are filled with milk; red or small Blisters/Bruising; mild to moderate discomfort
      3. Score 2 points: Breasts are soft and non-tender
    5. Help Required
      1. Score 0 points: Full assistance, with support person holding infant at Breast
      2. Score 1 points: Minimal assistance (support person adjusts bed, initially holds infant and mother takes over)
      3. Score 2 points: No assistance needed from support person, with mother positioning and holding infant
  3. Interpretation
    1. Consider additional evaluation and possible lactation Consultation for LATCH Score <7
  4. References
    1. Jensen (1994) J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs 23(1): 27-32 [PubMed]

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