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Aka: Dystonia
  1. See Also
    1. Movement Disorder
  2. Definitions
    1. Dystonia
      1. Stereotypic, slow sustained Muscle Contraction without variation
      2. Results in abnormal Posture
  3. Types
    1. Dystonic Reaction (e.g. post-Neuroleptic)
    2. Cervical Dystonia or Torticollis (neck Muscle spasm)
    3. Blepharospasm (forceful Eyelid closure)
    4. Post-anoxic Dystonia (e.g. dystonic hand or foot)
    5. Writer's Cramp

Dystonia Disorders (C0393593)

Definition (CHV) inherited condition that disables body movement due to abnormal muscle contraction and twisting distorted postures.
Definition (CHV) inherited condition that disables body movement due to abnormal muscle contraction and twisting distorted postures.
Definition (CHV) inherited condition that disables body movement due to abnormal muscle contraction and twisting distorted postures.
Definition (MEDLINEPLUS)

Dystonia is a movement disorder that causes involuntary contractions of your muscles. These contractions result in twisting and repetitive movements. Sometimes they are painful.

Dystonia can affect just one muscle, a group of muscles or all of your muscles. Symptoms can include tremors, voice problems or a dragging foot. Symptoms often start in childhood. They can also start in the late teens or early adulthood. Some cases worsen over time. Others are mild.

Some people inherit dystonia. Others have it because of another disease. Researchers think that dystonia may be due to a problem in the part of the brain that handles messages about muscle contractions. There is no cure. Doctors use medicines, Botox injections, surgery, physical therapy, and other treatments to reduce or eliminate muscle spasms and pain.

NIH: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Definition (MSH) Acquired and inherited conditions that feature DYSTONIA as a primary manifestation of disease. These disorders are generally divided into generalized dystonias (e.g., dystonia musculorum deformans) and focal dystonias (e.g., writer's cramp). They are also classified by patterns of inheritance and by age of onset.
Definition (CSP) syndrome dominated by involuntary, sustained or spasmodic, patterned, and repetitive muscle contractions; frequently causing twisting, flexing or extending, and squeezing movements or abnormal postures.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D020821
ICD10 G24, G24.9
SnomedCT 194478005, 192863009, 15802004
French DYSTONIE, Troubles dystoniques
English DYSTONIA, Dystonia, unspecified, DYSTONIC DIS, DYSTONIA DIS, Dystonia Disorders, Dystonia Disorder, Dystonic Disorder, Dystonic Disorders, Muscle Dystonia, Dystonic Disorders [Disease/Finding], Dystonia [Disease/Finding], dystonic disorder, dystonic disorders, dystonia (diagnosis), dystonia, [X]Dystonia, unspecified, [X]Dystonia, unspecified (disorder), Dystonia, Dystonia disorder, Dystonia (disorder), [X]Dystonia, unspecified (finding)
Portuguese DISTONIA, Câimbra do Escrevente, Cãibra do Escrevente, Cãibra do Escrivão, Câimbra dos Escritores, Câimbra do Escrivão, Distúrbios Distônicos
Spanish DISTONIA, (X)distonía, inespecificada, [X]distonía, inespecificada, (X)distonía, inespecificada (trastorno), Pseudodistonía, distonía (trastorno), distonía, (X)distonía, inespecificada (hallazgo), Trastornos Distónicos
Swedish Muskelspänningssjukdomar
Czech dystonické poruchy, dystonická onemocnění
Finnish Dystoniat
German Dystonie, nicht naeher bezeichnet, Dystonie, MUSKELTONUSSTOERUNG, Dystone Störungen
Japanese 書痙, 偽ジストニー, 吃書, 書字痙攣, ジストニー性障害, ジストニー-局所性, 書けい, 局所性ジストニー, ジストニー-家族性, 家族性ジストニー, 筋緊張異常性障害
Korean 상세불명의 근육긴장 이상, 근육긴장 이상
Polish Dystonia ogniskowa, Zaburzenia dystoniczne, Pseudodystonia, Dystonia rodzinna, Kurcz pisarski
Norwegian Dystone forstyrrelser
Dutch Dystonie, niet gespecificeerd, Dystonie, Dystonische stoornis, Dystonische stoornissen, Stoornis, dystonische, Stoornissen, dystonische
Italian Disturbi distonici
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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