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CNS Infection

Aka: CNS Infection
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    1. Meningitis
    2. Encephalitis
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Central Nervous System Infection (C0007684)

Definition (NCI) An infectious process that affects the brain and/or spinal cord. Representative examples include encephalitis, poliomyelitis, arachnoiditis, and meningitis.
Definition (MSH) Pathogenic infections of the brain, spinal cord, and meninges. DNA VIRUS INFECTIONS; RNA VIRUS INFECTIONS; BACTERIAL INFECTIONS; MYCOPLASMA INFECTIONS; SPIROCHAETALES INFECTIONS; fungal infections; PROTOZOAN INFECTIONS; HELMINTHIASIS; and PRION DISEASES may involve the central nervous system as a primary or secondary process.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D002494
SnomedCT 128117002
English Central Nervous System Infections, CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM INFECT, CNS INFECT, INFECT CNS, central nervous system infections, central nervous system infections (diagnosis), Infections, Central Nervous System, Central Nervous System Infections [Disease/Finding], Central Nervous System Infection, central nervous system infection, central infections nervous system, cns infection, central infection nervous system, cns infections, Central nervous system infection NOS, Central nervous system--Infections, Infectious Disease of Central Nervous System, Central nervous system infection, Infectious disease of central nervous system (disorder), Infectious disease of central nervous system, Central Nervous System Infectious Disease, Central Nervous System Infectious Disorder
Dutch centraal zenuwstelselinfectie NAO, centraal zenuwstelselinfectie, Centraalzenuwstelselinfectie, Centraalzenuwstelselinfecties, Infectie, centraalzenuwstelsel-, Infecties, centraalzenuwstelsel-
French Infection du système nerveux central SAI, Infection du système nerveux central, Infections du SNC, Infections du système nerveux central
German Infektion des Zentralnervensystems NNB, Infektion des Zentralnervensystem, Infektionen, ZNS-, ZNS-Infektionen, Zentralnervensysteminfektionen
Italian Infezione del sistema nervoso centrale NAS, Infezione del sistema nervoso centrale, Infezioni del sistema nervoso centrale
Portuguese Infecção do sistema nervoso central NE, Infecção do sistema nervoso central, Infecções do Sistema Nervoso Central
Spanish Infección del sistema nervioso central NEOM, enfermedad infecciosa del sistema nervioso central (trastorno), enfermedad infecciosa del sistema nervioso central, Infección del sistema nervioso central, Infecciones del Sistema Nervioso Central
Japanese 中枢神経系感染NOS, チュウスウシンケイケイカンセン, チュウスウシンケイケイカンセンNOS, 中枢神経感染症, 中枢神経系感染症, 中枢神経の感染, 中枢神経系感染
Swedish Centrala nervsystemets infektioner
Finnish Keskushermoston infektiot
Czech Infekce centrálního nervového systému, Infekce centrálního nervového systému NOS, infekce centrálního nervového systému, centrální nervový systém - infekce
Polish Choroby OUN zakaźne, Infekcje ośrodkowego układu nerwowego, Choroby zakaźne ośrodkowego układu nerwowego, Zakażenia OUN
Hungarian központi idegrendszeri fertőzés k.m.n., központi idegrendszeri fertőzés
Norwegian Infeksjoner i sentralnervesystemet
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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