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Migraine Management Clinic Schedule

Aka: Migraine Management Clinic Schedule
  1. See Also
    1. Migraine Headache
    2. Migraine Headache Management
    3. Migraine Headache Management in Children
    4. Migraine Headache Care in the Emergency Department
  2. Protocol: Visit 1 - Initial Evaluation
    1. Primary Goal
      1. Rule-out Organic Headache (Secondary Headache)
    2. Secondary Goals
      1. Eliminate Rebound Migraine habits
      2. Patient Education Handouts regarding Headache
  3. Protocol: Visit 2 - See 2-4 weeks after initial visit
    1. Primary Goal
      1. Establish Migraine Abortive Management
    2. Secondary Goals
      1. Review Migraine Headache Pathophysiology
      2. Review Headache Self-Help Measure
  4. Protocol: Visit 3 - See every 1-3 months until stable
    1. Primary Goal
      1. Consider Migraine Prophylaxis
    2. Secondary Goal
      1. Adjust Migraine Abortive Management
  5. Protocol: Visit 4 - See 2-4 times per year
    1. Primary Goal
      1. Turn Migraine Headache control over to patient
      2. Review Headache Self-Help Measure
    2. Secondary Goals
      1. Adjust Migraine Abortive Management
      2. Adjust Migraine Prophylaxis

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