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Headache Self-Help Measure

Aka: Headache Self-Help Measure, Headache General Measure, Headache Management, Nonpharmacologic Headache Treatment
  1. See Also
    1. Migraine Management
  2. General Measures
    1. Avoid Stress bursts
      1. Spread home or work load out evenly
    2. Maintain good Posture
      1. Avoid craning neck forward
    3. Stay relaxed
      1. Avoid frowning or jaw clenching
    4. Keep a Headache diary
      1. Record date, day of week, and time of day
      2. Record precipitating and relieving factors
  3. Sleep Changes
    1. Avoid excessive Fatigue (get adequate sleep)
    2. Do not sleep later than normal on weekends
      1. Risk of let-down Headache
  4. Habits
    1. Eat at regular times and do not miss meals
    2. Eliminate foods thought to provoke Headache
      1. Alcohol
      2. Red wines
    3. Limit foods associated with Rebound Headache
      1. Caffeine sources (Tea, Coffee, Soda)
      2. Analgesics
    4. Consider stopping provocative medications
      1. Oral Contraceptives
  5. Environmental
    1. Restrict physical exertion on hot days
    2. Avoid glare or exposure to flickering lights
    3. Avoid noise or strong smells
  6. Palliative Measures
    1. Rest in quiet, comfortable, dark room
    2. Apply cold to forehead and temples
      1. Apply an ice pack
      2. Apply cool, moist cloth
  7. References
    1. Jackson (1998) Postgrad Med 104(5):133-47 [PubMed]

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