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Cerebrovascular Accident Risk in Women

Aka: Cerebrovascular Accident Risk in Women, Stroke Risk in Women, CVA Risk in Women
  1. See Also
    1. Stroke in Pregnancy
    2. Cerebrovascular Accident Risk Factors
    3. Cerebrovascular Accident
    4. Menstrual Migraine
    5. Oral Contraceptive
  2. Risk Factors: CVA in younger women of child bearing age
    1. See Cerebrovascular Accident Risk Factors
    2. Migraine Headache with aura
    3. Oral Contraceptive containing Estrogen
      1. No increased stroke risk with Progestin only Oral Contraceptives
    4. Pregnancy (highest risk)
      1. Increased risk with Chronic Hypertension in Pregnancy
      2. Highest risk for Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH, Preeclampsia)
    5. Hypertension
    6. Obesity
    7. Tobacco Abuse
    8. Other factors in younger patients
      1. Vertebrobasilar Dissection or Carotid Dissection (e.g. cervical neck manipulation, Trauma)
      2. Hypercoagulable State
      3. Venous obstruction
  3. Risk Factors: Rates of Cerebrovascular Accident
    1. Absolute risks of stroke in young women
      1. Healthy Woman: 6 per 100,000 per year
      2. Migraine History: 12 per 100,000 per year
      3. Migraine with Aura: 18 per 100,000 per year
      4. Healthy on OCP: 12 per 100,000 per year
      5. Migraine and OCP: 19 per 100,000 per year
      6. Migraine with Aura and OCP: 30 per 100,000 per year
      7. Pregnancy: 34 per 100,000 per year
    2. References
      1. Curtis (2006) Contraception 73(2):189-94 [PubMed]

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