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Psychogenic Amnesia

Aka: Psychogenic Amnesia, Dissociative Amnesia, Fugue State, Dissociative Hysteria, Psychogenic Fugue, Repressed Memory
  1. See Also
    1. Amnesia
    2. Transient Global Amnesia
  2. Definitions
    1. Psychogenic Amnesia (Dissociative Amnesia, Repressed Memory )
      1. Amnesia surrounding a specific event (e.g. violent crime, PTSD)
    2. Fugue State
      1. Prolonged Psychogenic Amnesia triggered by emotional event
      2. Sudden loss of personal identity (may be found wandering and confused)
      3. Amnesia is specific for personal memories and personal identity
      4. Patient may assume new identity
      5. Duration of hours to days (may persist months in some cases)
        1. On resolution, Amnesia persists for the time patient in Fugue State
  3. Risk Factors
    1. Drug Intoxication
    2. Alcohol Intoxication
    3. Schizophrenia
  4. Symptoms
    1. Amnesia surrounding a specific event (e.g. violent crime)
  5. References
    1. Brown and Hachinski in Wilson et. al. (1991) Harrison's Internal Medicine, Twelfth Edition, McGraw-Hill, St. Louis, p.188-9

Dissociative Hysteria (C0020703)

Definition (NCI) A disorder characterized by sudden, unexpected travel away from one's home or place of work accompanied by an inability to recall one's past; the individual is confused about his or her personal identity and may assume a new identity.
Definition (CSP) subtype of hysterical neurosis; the current classification is dissociative disorders; sudden temporary alterations in the normally integrative functions of consciousness.
Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
MSH D004213
ICD9 300.13
ICD10 F44.1
SnomedCT 192421001, 3586005, 80490004, 44376007
DSM4 300.13
English Fugue, Hysterias, Dissociative, dissociative hysteria, psychogenic fugue, Dissociative Hysteria, dissociative fugue (diagnosis), dissociative fugue, hysterical neuroses, dissociative type, hysterical fugue, Dissociative hysteria, fugue, Dissociative Fugue, Dissociative fugue (disorder), Psychogenic fugue, Hysterical fugue, Hysterical neurosis, dissociative type, Dissociative fugue, Fugue (finding), Psychogenic fugue (disorder), dissociative; fugue, fugue; dissociative, fugue; hysterical, hysterical; fugue, Hysteria, Dissociative
Italian Fuga dissociativa, Fuga isterica, Fuga psicogena, Isteria dissociativa
Dutch psychogene fugue, dissociatieve hysterie, hysterische fugue, dissociatief; fugue, fugue; dissociatief, fugue; hysterisch, hysterisch; fugue, Dissociatieve fugue, dissociatieve fugue, Fugue, Hysterie, dissociatieve
French Fugue hystérique, Hystérie dissociative, Fugue dissociative, Fugue psychogène
German hysterische Fugue, psychogene Fugue, dissoziative Hysterie, Hysterie, dissoziative, Dissoziative Fugue, dissoziative Fugue, Wandertrieb
Portuguese Fuga psicogénica, Histeria dissociativa, Fuga histérica, Histeria Dissociativa, Fuga dissociativa, Fuga
Spanish Histeria disociativa, Fuga histérica, Fuga psicógena, Histeria Disociativa, fuga (hallazgo), fuga disociativa, fuga histérica, fuga psicógena (trastorno), fuga psicógena, fuga, neurosis histérica, tipo disociativo, Fuga disociativa, Fuga
Japanese 解離性遁走, 心因性遁走, ヒステリー性遁走, 解離ヒステリー, カイリセイトンソウ, ヒステリーセイトンソウ, カイリヒステリー, シンインセイトンソウ
Czech Disociační hysterie, Psychogenní fuga, Hysterická fuga, Disociační fuga, fuga, disociativní fuga
Korean 해리성 둔주
Hungarian Hysteriás elkóborlás, Psychogen elkóborlás, Dissociativ hysteria, Dissociativ kóborlás
Norwegian Dissosiativ hysteri, Hysteri, dissosiativt, Hysterisk psykose
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Dissociative Amnesia (C0236795)

Definition (NCI) A disorder characterized by a retrospective gap in memory of important personal information, usually of a traumatic or stressful nature; the memory loss far exceeds ordinary forgetfulness and is not the result of substance use or the consequence of a medical condition.
Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
MSH D000647
ICD9 300.12
ICD10 F44.0
SnomedCT 192420000, 191716000, 84209002
DSM4 300.12
Italian Amnesia dissociativa, Amnesia psicogena
Dutch psychogene amnesie, amnesie; dissociatief, dissociatief; amnesie, Dissociatieve amnesie, dissociatieve amnesie
French Amnésie psychogène, Amnésie dissociative
German psychogene Amnesie, Dissoziative Amnesie, dissoziative Amnesie
Portuguese Amnésia psicogénica, Amnésia dissociativa
Spanish Amnesia psicógena, amnesia disociativa, amnesia psicógena (trastorno), amnesia psicógena, neurosis de amnesia, Amnesia disociativa
Japanese 心因性健忘, 解離性健忘, カイリセイケンボウ, シンインセイケンボウ
English psychogenic amnesia, dissociative amnesia (diagnosis), dissociative amnesia, Dissociative Amnesia, Amnesias, Dissociative, Dissociative Amnesias, amnesia dissociative, Dissociative amnesia (disorder), Psychogenic amnesia, Amnesia neurosis, Dissociative amnesia, Psychogenic amnesia (disorder), dissociative; amnesia, amnesia; dissociative, Amnesia, Dissociative
Czech Psychogenní amnézie, Disociační amnézie, disociativní amnézie, disociační amnézie
Korean 해리성 기억상실증
Hungarian Dissociativ amnesia, Psychogen amnesia
Norwegian Amnesi, dissosiativ, Dissosiativ amnesi
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Repressed Memory (C0376366)

Concepts Mental Process (T041)
MSH D012094
English Memories, Repressed, Memory, Repressed, repressed memory, repressed memories, memories repressed, Repressed Memory
Portuguese Memória Reprimida
Spanish Memoria Represiva
French Mémoire réfoulée
German Unterdrückte Erinnerungen
Czech potlačená paměť
Norwegian Fortrengt minne
Italian Memoria repressa
Dutch Verdrongen herinnering
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Fugue state (C0860635)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
Dutch fuguetoestand
French Etat de fugue
German Fugue-Zustand
Italian Stato di fuga
Portuguese Estado de fuga
Spanish Estado de fuga
Japanese 遁走, トンソウ
English fugue states (symptom), brief changes in identity (fugue states), fugue states, brief changes in identity, Fugue state, fugue state
Czech Stav fugy
Hungarian Fúga állapot
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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