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Dementia Diagnosis

Aka: Dementia Diagnosis, DSM V Neurocognitive Disorder Diagnosis, Major Neurocognitive Disorder, Minor Neurocognitive Disorder
  1. See also
    1. Dementia
    2. Delirium
    3. Altered Level of Consciousness
    4. Dementia Management
    5. Dementia Related Malnutrition
    6. Behavior Problems in Dementia
    7. Agitation in Dementia
    8. Sleep Problems in Dementia
    9. Wandering Behavior in Dementia
    10. Dementia Resources
  2. Diagnosis: Neurocognitive Disorder (DSM V)
    1. Severity
      1. Minor Neurocognitive Disorder
        1. Neurocognitive deficits are moderate and do not interfere with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
      2. Major Neurocognitive Disorder
        1. Neurocognitive deficits are severe enough to interfere with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
    2. Cognitive decline in at least 1 domain
      1. Complex attention
      2. Executive Function
      3. Language
      4. Learning and Memory
      5. Perpetual-Motor
      6. Social Cognition
    3. Diagnosis based on both subjective and objective findings
      1. Concerns of patient, reliable informant or clinician AND
      2. Neurocognitive testing
        1. See Mental Status Exam
    4. Exclusion criteria
      1. Not limited to episodes of Delirium
      2. Not explained by other mental disorder
        1. See Dementia Differential Diagnosis
  3. Diagnosis: Older
    1. Amnesia (Wexler)
      1. Short Term Memory
      2. Long Term Memory
    2. One of the following (in addition to Amnesia Above)
      1. Aphasia (communication disorder)
      2. Apraxia (purposeful Movement Disorder)
      3. Agnosia (sensory interpretation deficit)
      4. Executive Function Disturbance (e.g. Serial 7's)
  4. References
    1. (2014) DSM-V, APA, Washington D.C.

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