Neonatology Book


Klumpke's Paralysis

Aka: Klumpke's Paralysis
  1. Epidemiology
    1. Least common form of Brachial Birth Trauma
  2. Pathophysiology
    1. Injury to C7, C8, and T1 spinal nerves
  3. Signs: Clawhand Deformity
    1. Hand Intrinsic Muscle Weakness
    2. Grasp reflex absent on affected side
    3. Biceps Reflex and radial reflex present
    4. Horner's Syndrome may be associated
      1. Occurs if T1 sympathetic fibers are affected
    5. Upper part of arm unaffected
  4. References
    1. Goetz (1999) Neurology, Saunders, p. 259
    2. Bower (2001) Clin Fam Pract 3(2):401-27 [PubMed]

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