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Newborn Neurologic Exam

Aka: Newborn Neurologic Exam
  1. See also
    1. Newborn Head and Neck Exam
    2. Craniosynostosis
    3. Head Circumference
    4. Fontanelle
    5. Dysraphism (Neural Tube Defect)
    6. Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Preterm Infants
  2. Exam: General
    1. Newborn Reflexes
      1. Primitive Stepping Reflex
      2. Rooting Reflex
      3. Moro Reflex (Startle Reflex)
      4. Babinski Reflex
        1. Upgoing toe until after 6 months of age
    2. See Neonatal Seizures
    3. Posture
      1. Normally in Fetal Position with hands closed
      2. Hold infant in vertical suspension
        1. Hypotonia is this position is abnormal
    4. Alertness
      1. Awakened by uncovering or stimulating foot or cheek
    5. Level of activity
    6. Jitteriness
      1. Consider electrolyte abnormality if severe (obtain Serum Magnesium, calcium)
    7. Periodic breathing
      1. Common and normal in children
      2. Pauses in breathing up to 20 seconds are normal (unless associated bradycardi, mental status change, Skin Color change)
  3. Exam: Cranial Nerve Exam
    1. Pupil reflex
      1. Cranial Nerve II
    2. Doll's Eyes
      1. Cranial Nerve III
      2. Cranial Nerve IV
      3. Cranial Nerve VI
    3. Corneal, sucking, and Rooting Reflexes
      1. Cranial Nerve V
      2. Cranial Nerve VII
    4. Response to noise
      1. Cranial Nerve VIII
    5. Gag Reflex
      1. Cranial Nerve IX
      2. Cranial Nerve X
  4. References
    1. Lewis (2014) Am Fam Physician 90(5): 297-302 [PubMed]

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