Practice Management Book


Open EBook Format

Aka: Open EBook Format
  1. General
    1. Standard format used to publish electronic texts
  2. Package file (1): OPF extension
    1. General
      1. Specifies OEB documents, images and other objects
      2. Mime media type: text/xml
      3. Initial lines:
        1. XML version
        2. Doctype link to DTD
    2. Includes
      1. Package identity (1)
        1. Includes unique_identifier
      2. Metadata (1)
        1. dc-Metadata (Dublin Core)
          1. Starts with dc-metadata link to dtd
          2. dc:Title
          3. dc:Type
          4. dc:Identifier (includes unique identifier)
          5. dc:Creator (with roles)
          6. dc:Contributer (with roles)
          7. dc:Subject
          8. dc:Type (e.g. Dictionary)
          9. dc:Description
          10. dc:Date (YYYY-MM-DD, month and day are optional)
          11. dc:Rights
        2. x-Metadata (other proprietary metadata info)
      3. Manifest (1)
        1. List of all files in the publication
          1. Fallback item if not a core media type
        2. Order not important
      4. Spine (1)
        1. Primary reading order of the document
        2. First itemref link is the file shown on opening
        3. Can include only text items
      5. Tours (multiple)
        1. Alternative reading orders
        2. Reading systems are not required to implement tours
      6. Guide
        1. Lists key structural components (e.g. TOC, Intro)
        2. Includes type, title, and link
        3. Type is from list (e.g. toc, cover, title page)
  3. Resources
    1. Open EBook
      2. Includes oeb101.pdf (current guidelines)

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