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Microsoft Windows

Aka: Microsoft Windows
  1. See Also
    1. Microsoft Windows Server
    2. Microsoft Windows Run Command
    3. Microsoft Internet Information Services
    4. Windows Powershell
    5. Microsoft Asp.Net
    6. Microsoft Sql Server
  2. Precautions: Non-Medical
    1. Not for Medical Care
    2. The author uses several software packages and programming languages to develop FPnotebook content
    3. For convenience, a dozen pages in FPNotebook are dedicated to quick notes on content creation
  3. Technique: Shortcuts
    1. Cycle through applications
      1. Alt-Tab
      2. Alt-Shift-Tab
    2. Windows Administrative Menu (from Start Button)
      1. Win-X
    3. Windows Task Manager (and signout, switch user, lock)
      1. Ctrl-Alt-Del
    4. Windows Lock Machine
      1. Win-L
  4. Approach: Upgrade Utilities
    1. User State Migration Tools (USMT)
      1. Available as command line and GUI tools to migrate user files and settings with upgrade
    2. Windows Deployment Services
      1. Microsoft utility to deploy an installation image (e.g. Windows 10, Windows Server 2012r2) to multiple computers
        1. Multi-cast transmits the installation to the other computers
      2. Also allows deployment of installation after administrator has customized the installation on a prototype machine

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