Practice Management Book


Adobe Lightroom

Aka: Adobe Lightroom
  1. Precautions: Non-Medical
    1. Not for Medical Care
    2. The author uses several software packages and programming languages to develop FPnotebook content
    3. For convenience, a dozen pages in FPNotebook are dedicated to quick notes on content creation
  2. Approach: Overall Workflow
    1. Import from media
      1. Use smart preview (esp. for disconnected drives)
    2. Lightroom workflow
      1. Assign keywords
      2. Rate good images you plan to edit with 2-3 stars
      3. Filter image grid to those with 2-3 stars
      4. Consider making a collection from the selected images (share across devices)
      5. Develop the image
        1. Start at top of develop panel
    3. Photoshop modifications
  3. Approach: Library Tab
    1. Loupe and Grid View keys (E, G) or click icons
    2. Lights Out Mode Toggle (L)
    3. Full Screen Toggle (F)
    4. Rate selected image (0..5)
    5. Survey Mode (N) or click icon
      1. Select Images first
    6. Hide SideBars Toggle
      1. Right and Left (tab)
      2. All panels (shift-tab)
    7. Create virtual copy (Ctrl-')
  4. Approach: Develop Tab
    1. Short-cut keys
      1. Change to Black/White (V)
    2. History management
      1. Revert history back to certain point by clicking on that point
      2. Take named snapshot of current history state

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