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  • Genitourinary Tuberculosis


Genitourinary Tuberculosis

Aka: Genitourinary Tuberculosis, Renal Tuberculosis
  1. Types of involvement
    1. Renal Tuberculosis
      1. See below for presentation
    2. Male genital tract (from Prostate to Testes)
      1. Presents as Scrotal Mass and Oligospermia
    3. Female genital tract (from fallopian tube to vagina)
      1. Pelvic Pain, pain, bleeding per vagina
  2. Symptoms: Renal involvement
    1. Dysuria
    2. Hematuria
    3. Flank Pain
  3. Labs: Renal involvement
    1. Urinalysis
      1. Urine Leukocytes increased
    2. Urine Culture
      1. Mycobacterial culture of three morning voids
  4. Radiology: Renal involvement
    1. CT Abdomen
      1. Renal calcifications or scarring
    2. Intravenous pyelogram
      1. Papillary necrosis
      2. Hydronephrosis
  5. Management
    1. See Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis, Renal (C0041328)

Definition (MSH) Infection of the KIDNEY with species of MYCOBACTERIUM.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D014398
ICD9 016.00, 016.0
SnomedCT 186236001, 44323002
English Renal Tuberculoses, Renal Tuberculosis, Tuberculoses, Renal, Tuberculosis, Renal, Tuberculosis of kidney NOS, Tuberculosis of kidney, unspecified examination, RENAL TUBERCULOSIS, tuberculosis of kidney, tuberculosis of kidney (diagnosis), renal tuberculosis, Renal TB, TB of kidney-unspec, Tuberculosis, Renal [Disease/Finding], Tuberculosis of kidney, unspecified, of kidney tuberculosis, renal tb, tuberculosis renal, tuberculosis kidney, kidney of tuberculosis, Tuberculosis;kidney, kidney tuberculosis, kidneys tuberculosis, Tuberculosis of kidney NOS (disorder), Kidneys--Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis of kidney, Renal tuberculosis, TB - Renal tuberculosis, Tuberculosis of kidney (disorder), TB of the kidney
Dutch niertuberculose, niet-gespecificeerd onderzoek, renale TBC, niertuberculose, Niertuberculose, Tuberculose, nier-, Tuberculose, renale
French Tuberculose du rein, examen non précisé, TB rénale, Tuberculose rénale, Tuberculose du rein
German Tuberkulose der Niere, unspezifische Untersuchung, Tuberkulose der Niere, Nieren-TB, Nierentuberkulose, Tuberkulose, Nieren-
Italian Tubercolosi del rene, esame non specificato, Tubercolosi renale
Portuguese Tuberculose do rim com exame NE, Tuberculose do rim, TB renal, Tuberculose renal, Tuberculose Renal
Spanish Tuberculosis de riñón, Tuberculosis de riñón, estudio no especificado, TB renal, tuberculosis renal, SAI, tuberculosis de riñón, SAI, tuberculosis renal, SAI (trastorno), tuberculosis del riñón (trastorno), tuberculosis del riñón, tuberculosis renal, Tuberculosis renal, Tuberculosis Renal
Japanese 腎結核, 腎結核、検査の詳細不明, ジンケッカク, ジンケッカクケンサノショウサイフメイ
Swedish Njurtuberkulos
Czech tuberkulóza ledvin, Tuberkulóza ledviny, blíže neurčené vyšetření, Renální TBC, Tuberkulóza ledvin, Tuberkulóza ledviny
Finnish Munuaistuberkuloosi
Polish Gruźlica nerek
Hungarian Vese tuberculosisa, renalis tuberculosis, Renalis TBC, Vese tuberculosisa, nem meghatározott vizsgálat
Norwegian Nyretuberkulose, Tuberkulose i nyre
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Tuberculosis, Urogenital (C0041333)

Definition (MSH) A general term for MYCOBACTERIUM infections of any part of the UROGENITAL SYSTEM in either the male or the female.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D014401
ICD9 016, 016.9
ICD10 A18.1, A18.10
SnomedCT 186246004, 4445009
English Tuberculoses, Urogenital, Tuberculosis, Urogenital, Urogenital Tuberculoses, Genitourinary tuberculosis NOS, Genitourinary tuberculosis, unspecified, genitourinary tuberculosis, genitourinary tuberculosis (diagnosis), Tuberculosis genitourinary NOS, Tuberculosis of genitourinary system, unspecified, Tuberculosis, Urogenital [Disease/Finding], tuberculosis urogenital, tuberculosis genitourinary, urogenital tuberculosis, Genitourinary tuberculosis NOS (disorder), Tuberculosis of genitourinary system, Urogenital tuberculosis, TB - Urogenital tuberculosis, Tuberculosis of genitourinary system (disorder), genitourinary; tuberculous, tuberculosis; genitourinary, Tuberculosis of genitourinary system, NOS, Urogenital Tuberculosis
Italian Tubercolosi dell'apparato genitourinario, Tubercolosi genitourinaria NAS, Tubercolosi genitourinaria non specificata, Tubercolosi urogenitale
Dutch genito-urinaire tuberculose NAO, genito-urinaire tuberculose, niet-gespecificeerd, tuberculose; urogenitaal, urogenitaal; tuberculose, Tuberculose van urogenitaalstelsel, tuberculose van het urogenitaal stelsel, Tuberculose, urogenitale, Urogenitale tuberculose
French Tuberculose génito-urinaire SAI, Tuberculose génito-urinaire, non précisée, Tuberculose de l'appareil génito-urinaire, Tuberculose génito-urinaire, Tuberculose urogénitale, Tuberculose de l'appareil génital ou urinaire, Tuberculose des organes génitaux et des voies urinaires, Tuberculose uro-génitale
German Tuberkulose der Geschlechtsorgane und der Harnwege NNB, Tuberkulose der Geschlechtsorgane und Harnwege, unspezifisch, Urogenitale Tuberkulose, Tuberkulose des Urogenitalsystems, Tuberkulose des Urogenitaltrakts, Tuberkulose, urogenitale, Urogenitaltuberkulose
Portuguese Tuberculose geniturinária NE, Tuberculose do aparelho genito-urinário, Tuberculose Urogenital
Spanish Tuberculosis genitourinaria NEOM, Tuberculosis genitourinaria no especificada, tuberculosis del sistema genitourinario (trastorno), tuberculosis del aparato genitourinario (trastorno), tuberculosis del aparato genitourinario, tuberculosis del sistema genitourinario, tuberculosis genitourinaria, SAI (trastorno), tuberculosis genitourinaria, SAI, Tuberculosis del aparato genitourinario, Tuberculosis Urogenital
Japanese 泌尿生殖器結核、詳細不明, 泌尿生殖器結核NOS, ヒニョウセイショクキケッカクショウサイフメイ, ヒニョウセイショクキケッカク, ヒニョウセイショクキケッカクNOS, 結核-性器, 結核-泌尿生殖器, 尿生殖器結核症, 尿路性器結核, 尿路性器結核症, 泌尿生殖器結核, 泌尿生殖器結核症, 尿路結核, 性器結核, 結核-尿路, 結核-尿路性器
Swedish Tuberkulos, urogenital
Finnish Urogenitaalituberkuloosi
Czech Tuberkulóza urogenitálního traktu NOS, Tuberkulóza urogenitálního traktu, blíže neurčená, Tuberkulóza urogenitálního traktu, tuberkulóza urogenitální, urogenitální tuberkulóza
Korean 비뇨생식기계통의 결핵
Polish Gruźlica układu moczowo-płciowego
Hungarian Urogenitalis rendszer tuberculosis, Urogenitalis tuberculosis k.m.n., Urogenitalis tuberculosis, nem meghatározott
Norwegian Tuberkulose i urogenitalsystemet, Urogenital tuberkulose
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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