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Dyspnea Index

Aka: Dyspnea Index, MRC Dyspnea Index, mMRC Score, Medical Research Council Dyspnea Index, Modified Medical Research Council Dyspnea Index
  1. See Also
    1. COPD Assessment Tool
    2. BODE Index
    3. COPD Management
  2. Indications
    1. COPD prognosis
    2. Component for the BODE Index
  3. Scale
    1. Grade 1: No Dyspnea except on strenuous Exercise
    2. Grade 2: Short of breath when walking up a short hill
    3. Grade 3: Dyspnea limits walking pace (slower than others of same age) and stops to catch breath
    4. Grade 4: Stops to catch breath after walking 100 yards (or meters) or after a few minutes on level ground
    5. Grade 5: Dyspnea prevents leaving house and performing Activities of Daily Living
  4. References
    1. Fletcher (1959) Br Med J 2:257-66 [PubMed]

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