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Diagnostic Immunology

Aka: Diagnostic Immunology, Immunology Procedure, Immunologic Test, Immunologic Technique, Serologic Test, Serology
  1. Definitions
    1. Serologic Test (Serology)
      1. Tests that identify presence of specific Antibody
  2. Types: Diagnostic Immunology Tests
    1. Immunoprecipitation
    2. Agglutination Test
    3. Neutralization Test
    4. Biomarker Labeled Studies
      1. Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
      2. Western Blot
  3. Resources
    1. Diagnostic Immunology (Boundless Microbiology, Lumen Learning)

Immunologic Techniques (C0021060)

Definition (MSH) Techniques used to demonstrate or measure an immune response, and to identify or measure antigens using antibodies.
Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
MSH D007158
English Immunologic Technic, Immunologic Technics, Immunologic Technique, Immunological Technic, Immunological Technics, Immunological Technique, Immunological Techniques, Technic, Immunologic, Technic, Immunological, Technics, Immunologic, Technics, Immunological, Technique, Immunologic, Technique, Immunological, Techniques, Immunologic, Techniques, Immunological, immunologic technique, laboratory methods, immunological, immunological laboratory methods, TECHNIC IMMUNOL, IMMUNOL TECHNIQUES, TECHNIQUES IMMUNOL, TECHNIQUE IMMUNOL, IMMUNOL TECHNICS, IMMUNOL TECHNIQUE, TECHNICS IMMUNOL, IMMUNOL TECHNIC, Immunological Laboratory Method, Immunologic Techniques
Swedish Immunologiska metoder
Czech imunologické techniky
Finnish Immunologiset menetelmät
French Techniques immunologiques, Technologie immunologique, Techniques d'immunologie
German Techniken, immunologische, Immunologische Techniken
Italian Tecnica immunologica, Tecniche immunologiche
Polish Metody immunologiczne
Japanese 免疫学的技法, 免疫学的技術, 免疫学的手法
Norwegian Not Translated[Immunologic Techniques]
Dutch Immunologische techniek, Techniek, immunologische, Technieken, immunologische
Portuguese Técnicas Imunológicas
Spanish Técnicas Inmunológicas
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Immunologic Tests (C0021061)

Definition (NCI) Laboratory test involving interaction of antigens with specific antibodies.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A test that uses the binding of antibodies to antigens to identify and measure certain substances. Immunoassays may be used to diagnose disease. Also, test results can provide information about a disease that may help in planning treatment (for example, when estrogen receptors are measured in breast cancer).
Definition (MSH) Immunologic techniques involved in diagnosis.
Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
MSH D007159
SnomedCT 143549004, 166186005, 108267006
English Immunologic Test, Immunological Test, Immunological Tests, Test, Immunologic, Test, Immunological, Tests, Immunologic, Tests, Immunological, TESTS IMMUNOL, IMMUNOL TESTS, IMMUNOL TEST, immunologic test, Immunology Test, Immunologic Tests, immunological testing, immunology tests, immunological test, test immunology, Test;immunology, immunological tests, immunologic tests, Immunology test (procedure), Immunology test, immunology test
Italian Test immunologico, Test immunologici, Esame immunologico, Esami immunologici
Swedish Immunologiska tester
Japanese メンエキガクテキケンサ, 免疫診断, 免疫検査, 免疫学的テスト, 診断-免疫, 検査-免疫学的, 免疫学的検査
Czech imunologické testy, Imunologický test, imunologické vyšetření
Finnish Immunologiset kokeet
French Tests immunologiques, Test immunologique
Polish Próby immunologiczne, Testy immunologiczne
Hungarian Immunológiai vizsgálat
Norwegian Immunologiske tester, Immunologisk test
Spanish Tests Inmunológicos, Prueba inmunológica, Pruebas Inmunológicas
Portuguese Teste imunológico, Testes Imunológicos
Dutch immunologietest, Immunologisch onderzoek, Immunologische test, Onderzoek, immunologisch
German immunologischer Test, Immunologische Tests
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Serologic tests (C0036743)

Definition (CHV) a blood test that looks for antibodies
Definition (CHV) a blood test that looks for antibodies
Definition (CHV) a blood test that looks for antibodies
Definition (CHV) a blood test that looks for antibodies
Definition (MSH) Diagnostic procedures involving immunoglobulin reactions.
Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
MSH D012698
SnomedCT 68793005
LNC MTHU008384
English serology, Serologic Test, Serologic Tests, Serological Test, Serological Tests, Test, Serologic, Test, Serological, Tests, Serologic, Tests, Serological, SEROL TESTS, TESTS SEROL, SEROL TEST, TEST SEROL, serological test, serologic tests, serological tests, serology test, serology tests, serologic test, Serology NOS, Serologic tests, Serology studies, Serology test, Serologic test (procedure), Serologic test, Serologic test, NOS, Test;serology
Italian Reazione sierologica, Reazione sierologica NAS, Test sierologici, Esame sierologico, Esami sierologici
Dutch serologie NAO, serologietest, Onderzoek, serologisch, Tests, serologische
French Sérologie SAI, Test sérologique, Tests sérologiques
German Serologie NNB, Serologie, Serologische Tests
Portuguese Serologia NE, Serologia, Testes Sorológicos
Spanish Serología NEOM, Tests Serológicos, Diagnóstico Serológico, prueba serológica (procedimiento), prueba serológica, Prueba serológica, Pruebas Serológicas
Japanese 血清学的検査NOS, ケッセイガクテキケンサ, ケッセイガクテキケンサNOS, 血清学的診断法, 血清学的検査, 血清学的診断, 血清検査, 血清診断法, 血清診断
Swedish Serologiska tester
Czech sérologické testy, Sérologické vyšetření, Sérologie NOS
Finnish Serologiset kokeet
Polish Testy serologiczne
Hungarian Szerológiai vizsgálat, Szerológia k.m.n.
Norwegian Serologiske tester, Serologisk test, Test, serologisk, Tester, serologiske
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Immunology procedure (C0519671)

Definition (CSP) immunochemical assay or detection of a substance or immune response by serologic or immunologic methods.
Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
SnomedCT 143144003, 143535008, 166172006, 143524003, 166155004, 165740009, 252318005
CPT 86849, 1011874
English Immunology, Immunology NOS, Immunology procedure, immunology laboratory test, immunologic assay/test, immunologic assay, Immunology procedures, Immunology NOS (procedure), Immunology (procedure), Immunology Procedures, Immunology laboratory test, Immunology laboratory test (procedure)
Spanish inmunología, SAI (procedimiento), Immunology NOS, inmunología, SAI, inmunología (procedimiento), inmunología, prueba inmunológica de laboratorio (procedimiento), prueba inmunológica de laboratorio
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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