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  • Blood Collection Tube


Blood Collection Tube

Aka: Blood Collection Tube
  1. Preparations: Tubes without Anticoagulant
    1. Red Top Tube
    2. Red (Barrier Vacuum Tube)
  2. Preparations: Tubes with Anticoagulant
    1. Purple Top Tube (Lavender)
    2. Blue Top Tube
    3. Green Top Tube
    4. Grey Top Tube
    5. Yellow Top Tube
    6. Navy Blue Top Tube (Royal Blue Top Tube)

Tubes, Blood Collection (C0184104)

Definition (UMD) Tubes designed to store blood samples drawn from a venipuncture through a blood-collection set. The tubes are usually connected using an adapter to a needle (that may include a Luer lock), which in turn punctures the stopper of the blood-collection set. These tubes frequently contain an appropriate substance to inhibit or enhance coagulation according to the intended use of the blood sample (e.g., heparin for chemical analysis, sodium citrate for plasma coagulation); the tube caps are usually color coded accordingly. Blood-collection tubes are made of glass or plastics; they are available either open or presealed after obtaining a relative vacuum in their interior.
Definition (NCI) A test tube, capillary tube, or other tube designed for the collection of blood.
Concepts Medical Device (T074)
English Tubes, Blood Collection, blood collection tube, blood collection tubes, Blood Collection Tubes, Blood Collection Tube
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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