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Viral Causes of Arthritis

Aka: Viral Causes of Arthritis, Viral Arthritis
  1. See Also
    1. Reactive Arthritis
    2. Poststreptococcal Reactive Arthritis
  2. Causes: Rubella virus
    1. Metacarpal and proximal interphalangeal joints
    2. Accompanied by rash
    3. Duration: days to weeks
  3. Causes: Parvovirus B19 (Erythema Infectiosum)
    1. Severe sudden onset Polyarticular Arthritis
    2. Occurs in 60% of infected adults (rare in children)
    3. Duration: temporary, but may last years
  4. Causes: Mumps Virus
    1. Large joints involved 1-2 weeks after parotid swells
    2. Duration: 2 weeks
    3. Rarely occurs in children
  5. Causes: Varicella Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox)
    1. Similar Arthritis as seen with Mumps Virus
    2. Bacterial Superinfection may result in Septic Arthritis
  6. Causes: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV Infection)
    1. Acute Retroviral Syndrome (HIV Presentation)
      1. Associated with Arthralgias and Myalgias in 50-70%
    2. Subacute Oligoarticular Arthritis of knees and ankles
      1. Transient over weeks to 2 months
      2. Responds to NSAIDs
    3. Painful articular syndrome (10% of cases)
      1. Intermittent severe Joint Pain lasts less than 1 day
      2. Involves Shoulders, knees and elbows
      3. Pain may be incapacitating and require Narcotics
    4. HIV Associated rheumatic conditions
      1. Reactive Arthritis (Reiter's Syndrome)
      2. Psoriatic Arthritis
      3. Fibromyalgia
  7. Causes: Hepatitis Viruses
    1. Hepatitis A Virus (occurs in 10-14% of cases)
      1. Arthralgia and rash occur during acute phase
    2. Hepatitis BVirus (occurs in 20-25% of cases)
      1. Sudden, Severe, symmetric, Polyarticular Arthritis
      2. Resolves before Jaundice onset
      3. Chronic Arthritis may occur in Chronic Hepatitis B
      4. Significant morning stiffness
      5. Hand and Knee Joints most commonly affected
    3. Hepatitis CVirus
      1. Rapidly progressive acute Arthralgias and myalgias
      2. Joint Pain out of proportion to clinical signs
      3. Associated with development of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  8. Causes: Assorted viruses
    1. Causes
      1. Enteroviruses
      2. Adenoviruses
      3. Arboviruses
      4. Epstein-Barr Virus
    2. Joint involvement follows acute viral syndrome
      1. Upper Respiratory Infection
      2. Gastroenteritis (Coxsackievirus or Adenovirus)
    3. Severe chronic Arthritis may develop
  9. Causes: Alphaviruses (Mosquito borne)
    1. Sindbis Virus (Africa and Australia)
    2. ChikungunyaFever (Africa and Asia)
    3. O'nyong-nyong Virus (Africa)
    4. Ross River Virus (South Pacific, Australia)
    5. Mayaro Virus (South America)
  10. References
    1. Klippel (1997) Primer Rheumatic Diseases, p. 201-4
    2. Siegel (1996) Am Fam Physician 54(6):2009-15 [PubMed]
    3. Ytterberg (1999) Curr Opin Rheumatol 11:275-80 [PubMed]

Arthritis, Viral (C0003875)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D001170
SnomedCT 239780003
English Arthritides, Viral, Viral Arthritides, Viral Arthritis, Arthritis due to viral infect, viral arthritis, viral arthritis (diagnosis), Arthritis viral NOS, Arthritis;viral, Arthritis viral, Arthritis due to viral infection, Viral arthritis, Arthritis due to viral infection (disorder), Arthritis, Viral
Dutch virale artritis, artritis viraal NAO, artritis viraal, Artritis, virale
French Arthrite virale SAI, Arthrite virale
German Arthritis viral NNB, Arthritis, virogene, virale Arthritis
Italian Artrite virale NAS, Artrite virale
Portuguese Artrite vírica NE, Artrite vírica, Artrite Viral, Artrite viral
Spanish Artritis vírica NEOM, Artritis vírica, Artritis Viral, artritis por infección viral, artritis debida a infección viral, artritis por infección viral (trastorno), artritis debida a infección vírica, artritis debida a infección viral (trastorno), Artritis viral
Japanese ウイルス性関節炎, ウイルス性関節炎NOS, ウイルスセイカンセツエンNOS, ウイルスセイカンセツエン
Czech Virová artritida NOS, Virová artritida, virová artritida
Hungarian virusos arthritis k.m.n., virusos arthritis, Viralis arthritis
Norwegian Viral artritt, Artritt, viral, Virusartritt
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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