Infectious Disease Book


Travel in Pregnancy

Aka: Travel in Pregnancy
  1. Precautions: Airline travel
    1. Safe until 36 weeks gestation
      1. Carry documented ED+C with travel papers
    2. Relative Contraindications to Air Travel
      1. Airline travel after 36 weeks
      2. Severe Anemia or Sickle Cell Anemia
      3. Thrombophlebitis
    3. Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis
      1. Walk every half hour during flight
      2. Flex and extend ankles frequently while sitting
      3. Stay hydrated
  2. Precautions: International Travel
    1. See First Aid Travel Kit
    2. Avoid contaminated food and water
      1. See Prevention of Foodborne Illness
      2. Hepatitis E is particularly dangerous in pregnancy
    3. Travel to areas with Malaria
      1. Avoid this travel during pregnancy if possible
      2. See Prevention of Vector-borne Infection
      3. Malaria Prophylaxis as directed by CDC
        1. Chloroquine and Mefloquine are used in pregnancy
    4. Update important Immunizations based on CDC guidelines
      1. See Immunization in Pregnancy
  3. Precautions: Activities in pregnancy
    1. See Exercise in Pregnancy
    2. Scuba Diving is contraindicated
    3. Avoid travel to altitude >13,000 feet or 4000 meters
  4. Resources
    1. CDC Yellow Book: Pregnancy, Lactation and Travel

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