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Typhoid Vaccine

Aka: Typhoid Vaccine, Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine, Live Oral Typhoid Vaccine, Ty21a, VIVOTIF, TYPHIM Vi Capsular Polysaccharide Vaccine
  1. Indications: Travel to endemic areas
    1. Africa
      1. Egypt
    2. Asia
      1. Philippines
      2. India
      3. Pakistan
      4. Korea
    3. Central America
      1. Haiti
    4. South America
      1. Peru
      2. Chile
  2. Preparations
    1. Subcutaneous Typhoid Inactivated Vaccine
      1. Dose 1: Typhoid 0.5 ml SC on Day 0
      2. Dose 2: Typhoid 0.5 ml SC on Day 30
      3. Booster: Typhoid 0.1 ml ID every 3 years
    2. Live Oral Typhoid Vaccine (Ty21a, VIVOTIF)
      1. Initial
        1. Capsule: One capsule orally every other day for 4 doses
        2. Liquid: Three doses
      2. Booster: repeat every 5 years
    3. TYPHIM Vi Capsular Polysaccharide Vaccine
      1. Single Injection
  3. Efficacy
    1. Estimated to be 70% effective
    2. Live Oral Typhoid Vaccine has better immunogenicity
  4. Precautions
    1. Subcutaneous Typhoid Vaccine
      1. Safe in HIV Infection
      2. Avoid in Pregnancy
    2. Typhoid live (oral Ty21a)
      1. Reportedly safe in HIV Infection

Vaccines, Typhoid (C0041469)

Definition (HL7V3.0) <p>typhoid vaccine, NOS</p>
Definition (NCI) A bacterial vaccine used to prevent typhoid fever, which is caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria.
Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121) , Immunologic Factor (T129)
MSH D014436
SnomedCT 396441007, 89428009
HL7 91
English Typhoid Vaccine, Typhoid Vaccines, Vaccine, Typhoid, typhoid vaccine (medication), typhoid vaccine, Vaccines, Typhoid [Chemical/Ingredient], typhoid vaccines, Typhoid vaccines, Typhoid vaccine, Typhoid vaccine (product), Typhoid vaccine (substance), Vaccines, Typhoid, typhoid, NOS, TYPHOID VACCINE
French Vaccin antityphoïdique, Vaccin typhoïdique
German Typhusvakzine, Typhusimpfstoff
Portuguese Vacina Tifoide
Spanish vacuna antitifoidea (producto), vacuna antitifoidea (sustancia), vacuna antitifoidea, Vacuna Antitifoidea
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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