Infectious Disease Book


Gloves and Socks Syndrome

Aka: Gloves and Socks Syndrome
  1. Causes
    1. Parvovirus B19 (Fifth Disease)
    2. Hepatitis BVirus
    3. Cytomegalovirus
    4. Epstein-Barr Virus (Mononucleosis)
    5. Human Herpesvirus 6
    6. Measles
    7. Coxsackievirus B
    8. Kawasaki Disease
    9. Drug Eruption
  2. Symptoms: Usually asymptomatic
    1. Arthralgia
    2. Fever
  3. Signs
    1. Initial
      1. Symmetric painful erythema, edema of hands and feet
      2. Sharply demarcated at wrists and ankles
      3. May involve cheeks, elbow, knees and genitalia
    2. Later
      1. Petechiae or Purpura
    3. Later
      1. Vesicles or bullae
      2. Skin sloughing
  4. Course
    1. Resolves spontaneously in 1-3 weeks
    2. Does not result in residual scarring
  5. References
    1. Alfadley (2003) J Am Acad Dermatol 48:941-4 [PubMed]

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