Hematology and Oncology Book


Expressing Empathy

Aka: Expressing Empathy, NURSE Mnemonic
  1. See Also
    1. Breaking Bad News
    2. Breaking Bad News to Parents of Deceased Child
    3. End-Of-Life Care
    4. Discussing Terminal Illness
    5. Cancer Symptom
    6. Preparatory Grief
    7. Grief
    8. Mood Disorders in Cancer
    9. Spiritual Assessment
  2. Protocol
    1. Naming
      1. "I hear that you are worried about..."
    2. Understanding
      1. "If I understand, you are worried about how your treatments will affect your job"
    3. Respecting
      1. "I am impressed with how well you have withstood treatment"
    4. Supporting
      1. "Please let me know how I might help you"
    5. Exploring
      1. "Tell me more about your worries about treatment side effects"
  3. References
    1. Back (2005) CA Cancer J Clin 55(3): 164-77 [PubMed]
    2. Berkey (2018) Am Fam Physician 98(2): 99-104 [PubMed]

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