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Osteoid Osteoma

Aka: Osteoid Osteoma, Benign Osteoid Osteoma of Bone
  1. Epidemiology
    1. Most common under age 20 years old (70% of cases)
  2. Pathophysiology
    1. Benign neoplasm arising in bone (esp. long bones)
    2. Lesion center contains Osteoblasts that produce both osteoid and to a lesser extent, bone
    3. Lesion surrounded by hypervascular sclerotic bone, that limits growth
  3. Symptoms
    1. Focal night pain
  4. Signs
    1. Leg Length Discrepancy may occur (due to asymmetric growth)
    2. Focal findings may occur
      1. Localized swelling
      2. Muscle atrophy or contractures may form
  5. Imaging
    1. XRay
      1. Bone lucency with central, core density
    2. MRI
      1. Indicated in non-diagnostic XRay
  6. Management
    1. NSAIDs
    2. Lesion destruction (surgical excision or radiofrequency ablation)
      1. Indicated in severe pain or persistent course
      2. Lesions may recurr after excision
  7. Course
    1. Lesions typically resolve spontaneously over months to years
  8. References
    1. Gardiner (2018) Crit Dec Emerg Med 37(5): 3-14

Osteoid osteoma (C0029441)

Definition (NCI) A small benign bone-forming neoplasm characterized by the presence of differentiated osteoblasts. The tumor is usually surrounded by hypervascular sclerotic bone and has limited growth potential. Clinical signs and symptoms include pain and localized tenderness, at the site of the lesion. The pain may be intense, but in the majority of cases it is completely alleviated by aspirin. Prognosis is excellent and recurrences are rare.
Definition (MSH) Benign circumscribed tumor of spongy bone occurring especially in the bones of the extremities and vertebrae, most often in young persons. (Dorland, 27th ed)
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D010017
ICD10 M9191/0
SnomedCT 189880009, 302859004, 71666005
English Osteoid Osteomas, Osteoma, Osteoid, Osteomas, Osteoid, OSTEOID OSTEOMA, [M]Osteoid osteoma NOS, Osteoid osteoma NOS, benign osteoid osteoma of bone (diagnosis), benign osteoid osteoma of bone, Osteoma, Osteoid [Disease/Finding], osteoma osteoid, osteoid osteoma, osteoid osteomas, Osteoid Osteoma, [M]Osteoid osteoma NOS (disorder), Osteoid osteoma (disorder), Osteoid osteoma (morphologic abnormality), Osteoid osteoma, NOS, Osteoid osteoma
Swedish Osteom, osteoid
Czech osteom osteoidní
Finnish Osteoidi osteooma
Polish Kostniak kostnawy
Norwegian Osteoid osteom
Portuguese Osteoma Osteoide
Spanish osteoma osteoide (anomalía morfológica), osteoma osteoide (trastorno), osteoma osteoide, Osteoma Osteoide
French Ostéome ostéoïde
German Bergstrand-Syndrom, Kortikalisosteoid, Osteoid-Osteom, Osteom, osteoides
Italian Osteoma osteoide
Dutch Osteoïd osteoom, Osteoom, osteoïd
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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