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Aka: Chondrosarcoma, Chondroma Sarcomatosum
  1. See Also
    1. Bone Cancer
    2. Ewing Sarcoma
    3. Osteosarcoma
  2. Epidemiology
    1. Age of onset: 45 to 75 years old
      1. Contrast with other Bone Tumors (Osteosarcoma, Ewing Sarcoma) which have onset in teen years
  3. Risk Factors
    1. Benign cartilage tumors (enchondroma, osteochondroma)
  4. Pathophysiology
    1. Malignant, cartilage producing Bone Tumor
      1. Originates in chondrocytes
    2. Incidence: 1 in 200,000 in U.S.
      1. Least common Bone Cancer (behind Osteosarcoma, Ewing Sarcoma)
    3. Distribution
      1. Central skeleton
      2. Pelvis
      3. Proximal long bones
      4. Scapula
      5. Ribs
    4. Metastases
      1. Lungs
  5. Imaging
    1. XRay
      1. Calcified eccentric lytic lesion
  6. Management
    1. Surgical resection
      1. First line management for localized and metastatic Chondrosarcoma
    2. Other management
      1. Radiation Therapy in cases of positive resection margins
      2. Chemotherapy is not indicated
        1. Chondrosarcoma does not respond to Chemotherapy
  7. Prognosis
    1. Grade 1: 90% five year survival
    2. Grade 2: 60-70% five year survival
    3. Grade 3: 30-50% five year survival
    4. Dedifferentiated: 10% survival at one year
  8. References
    1. Ferguson (2018) Am Fam Physician 98(4): 205-13 [PubMed]

Chondrosarcoma (C0008479)

Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A type of cancer that forms in bone cartilage. It usually starts in the pelvis (between the hip bones), the shoulder, the ribs, or at the ends of the long bones of the arms and legs. A rare type of chondrosarcoma called extraskeletal chondrosarcoma does not form in bone cartilage. Instead, it forms in the soft tissues of the upper part of the arms and legs. Chondrosarcoma can occur at any age but is more common in people older than 40 years. It is a type of bone cancer.
Definition (NCI_CDISC) A malignant mesenchymal neoplasm arising from cartilage-forming tissues.
Definition (NCI) A malignant mesenchymal tumor arising from cartilage-forming tissues involving the bones. It affects middle-aged to elderly adults, and the pelvic bones, ribs, shoulder girdle, and long bones are the most common sites of involvement. Most chondrosarcomas arise de novo, but some may develop in a preexisting benign cartilaginous lesion.
Definition (MSH) A slowly growing malignant neoplasm derived from cartilage cells, occurring most frequently in pelvic bones or near the ends of long bones, in middle-aged and old people. Most chondrosarcomas arise de novo, but some may develop in a preexisting benign cartilaginous lesion or in patients with ENCHONDROMATOSIS. (Stedman, 25th ed)
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D002813
ICD10 M9220/3
SnomedCT 14990007, 443520009, 189886003, 310151000009101
English Chondrosarcoma, Chondrosarcomas, CHONDROSARCOMA, Chondrosarcoma NOS, [M]Chondrosarcoma NOS, Chondroma sarcomatosum, Chondrosarcoma, no ICD-O subtype, Chondrosarcoma (disorder), Chondrosarcoma (morphologic abnormality), Chondrosarcoma [Disease/Finding], chondrosarcomas, [M]Chondrosarcoma NOS (morphologic abnormality), Chondrosarcoma, no International Classification of Diseases for Oncology subtype, Chondrosarcoma, no ICD-O subtype (morphologic abnormality), Chondrosarcoma, no International Classification of Diseases for Oncology subtype (morphologic abnormality), CHONDROSARCOMA, MALIGNANT, chondrosarcoma, chondrosarcoma (diagnosis), malignant neoplasm chondrosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma morphology, chondrosarcoma; (site unspecified), Chondrosarcoma, NOS
Dutch chondrosarcoom NAO, chondroom sarcomatosum, chondrosarcoom; (lokalisatie niet gespecificeerd), chondrosarcoom, Chondrosarcoma, Sarcoma chondro-
French Chondrome sarcomateux, Chondrosarcome SAI, Chondrosarcome
German Chondroma sarcomatosum, Chondrosarkom NNB, Chondrosarkom
Italian Condroma sarcomatoso, Condrosarcoma NAS, Condrosarcoma
Portuguese Condrossarcoma NE, Condroma sarcomatoso, Condrosarcoma, Condrossarcoma
Spanish Condroma sarcomatoso, Condrosarcoma NEOM, condrosarcoma (anomalía morfológica), condrosarcoma, no clasificado como subtipo en CIE-O, condrosarcoma (trastorno), condrosarcoma, condrosarcoma, no clasificado como subtipo en CIE-O (anomalía morfológica), [M]condrosarcoma, SAI (anomalía morfológica), [M]condrosarcoma, SAI, condrosarcoma, SAI, morfología de condrosarcoma, Condrosarcoma
Japanese 軟骨肉腫NOS, 軟骨肉腫, ナンコツニクシュ, ナンコツニクシュNOS
Swedish Kondrosarkom
Czech chondrosarkom, Chondrosarkom, Chondrosarkom NOS, Sarkomatózní chondrom
Finnish Kondrosarkooma
Polish Mięsakochrzęstniak, Chrzęstniakomięsak
Hungarian Chondroma sarcomatosus, Chondrosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma k.m.n.
Norwegian Kondrosarkom
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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