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Lymphoma in HIV

Aka: Lymphoma in HIV, HIV related Lymphoma, AIDS related Lymphoma
  1. See Also
    1. Lymphoma
    2. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    3. Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  2. Types: Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    1. Incidence mildly increased in HIV
    2. Course may be more aggressive in HIV
    3. May have less complete response to Chemotherapy
  3. Types: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    1. Occurs when median CD4=200 cells
    2. Rapid tumor growth with extranodal disease
    3. Non-lymphatic sites: Lung, GI, Bone Marrow, Meninges
    4. Usually widespread (stage 4) at time of diagnosis
    5. Poor prognosis in patients with advanced HIV
    6. Median duration of survival is 3-6 months
    7. Associated with EBV viral gene sequence (40%)
  4. Types: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Primary CNS
    1. Occurs in advanced AIDS (CD4 Count<50 cells)
    2. Highly Associated with EBV viral gene sequence
    3. Space occupying unifocal intracranial lesion
      1. May be confused with CNS Toxoplasmosis
    4. Survival without treatment is 3 months
    5. Response to treatment in 50% of cases

Lymphoma, AIDS-Related (C0085090)

Definition (MSH) B-cell lymphoid tumors that occur in association with AIDS. Patients often present with an advanced stage of disease and highly malignant subtypes including BURKITT LYMPHOMA; IMMUNOBLASTIC LARGE-CELL LYMPHOMA; PRIMARY EFFUSION LYMPHOMA; and DIFFUSE, LARGE B-CELL, LYMPHOMA. The tumors are often disseminated in unusual extranodal sites and chromosomal abnormalities are frequently present. It is likely that polyclonal B-cell lymphoproliferation in AIDS is a complex result of EBV infection, HIV antigenic stimulation, and T-cell-dependent HIV activation.
Definition (NCI) An aggressive lymphoma that develops in HIV-positive patients. There is a significant increase in the incidence of lymphomas associated with the AIDS epidemic in the last two decades. These lymphomas are usually extranodal, most often express a B-cell phenotype and morphologically are classified as Burkitt, diffuse large B-cell, and Hodgkin lymphomas. The prognosis is closely related to the severity of immunodeficiency.
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D016483
English AIDS Associated Lymphoma, AIDS related lymphoma, AIDS-Associated Lymphoma, AIDS-Associated Lymphomas, AIDS-Related Lymphoma, AIDS-Related Lymphomas, Lymphoma, AIDS Related, Lymphoma, AIDS-Associated, Lymphomas, AIDS-Associated, Lymphomas, AIDS-Related, HIV Related Lymphoma, HIV-Related Lymphoma, HIV-Related Lymphomas, Lymphoma, AIDS Associated, Lymphoma, HIV Related, Lymphoma, HIV-Related, Lymphomas, HIV-Related, LYMPHOMA AIDS ASSOC, AIDS RELAT LYMPHOMA, LYMPHOMA AIDS RELAT, LYMPHOMA HIV RELAT, AIDS ASSOC LYMPHOMA, HIV RELAT LYMPHOMA, Lymphoma AIDS related, Lymphoma, AIDS-Related [Disease/Finding], aids-related lymphoma, HIV related lymphoma, AIDS lymphomas related, aids-related lymphomas, Lymphoma, AIDS-Related, AIDS-associated lymphoma, AIDS-related lymphoma, lymphoma, AIDS-related, Lymphoma, AIDS-related, AIDS Related Lymphoma, HIV Associated Lymphoma, Lymphoma AIDS Related, AIDS Lymphoma
Italian Linfoma correlato all'AIDS, Linfoma AIDS-correlato, Linfoma associato ad AIDS, Linfoma correlato ad HIV, Linfoma correlato ad AIDS
Dutch AIDS-gerelateerd lymfoom, lymfoom aids-gerelateerd, Aids-geassocieerd lymfoom, Aids-gerelateerd lymfoom, HIV-gerelateerd lymfoom, Lymfoom, HIV-gerelateerd, Lymfoom, aids-gerelateerd
Swedish AIDS-relaterat lymfom
Japanese エイズカンレンリンパシュ, AIDS関連リンパ腫, リンパ腫-AIDS関連, HIV関連リンパ腫, エイズ関連リンパ腫, リンパ腫-HIV関連, リンパ腫-エイズ関連
Czech lymfom spojovaný s AIDS, Lymfom v souvislosti s AIDS
Finnish AIDS:iin liittyvä lymfooma
Polish Chłoniak związany z AIDS
Hungarian AIDS-zsel összefüggő lymphoma, AIDS-hez társuló lymphoma
Norwegian Aidsrelatert lymfom, Hivrelatert lymfom
Portuguese Linfoma relacionado com SIDA, Linfoma AIDS-Relacionado, Linfoma Associado a AIDS, Linfoma Relacionado a AIDS, Linfoma Relacionado ao HIV
Spanish Linfoma relacionado con el SIDA, Linfoma Asociado a SIDA, Linfoma en Relación a VIH, Linfoma Relacionado con SIDA, Linfoma Relacionado con VIH, Linfoma SIDA-Relacionado
French Lymphome au cours du SIDA, Lymphome associé au SIDA, Lymphome lié au SIDA
German AIDS-assoziiertes Lymphom, AIDS-related Lymphom, HIV-Related Lymphom, Lymphom, AIDS-related, Lymphom, HIV-Related
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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