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Iron Saturation

Aka: Iron Saturation, Serum Transferrin Saturation, Transferrin Saturation, Transferrin Iron Saturation, Serum Iron to TIBC Ratio
  1. Calculation
    1. TFS = 100 x Serum Iron (ug/dl) / TIBC (ug/dl)
  2. Normal
    1. Range: 15% to 55%
  3. Decreased
    1. Chronic Iron Deficiency Anemia
    2. Chronic infection
    3. Advanced malignancy
    4. Collagen-Vascular Disease
    5. Uremia
    6. Third trimester of pregnancy
  4. Increased
    1. Hemochromatosis and other Iron Overload
    2. Hemolytic Anemia
    3. Starvation
    4. Nephrotic Syndrome
    5. Cirrhosis
    6. Acute Viral Hepatitis
    7. Thalassemia minor
    8. Megaloblastic Anemia
    9. Aplastic Anemia or Sideroblastic Anemia
  5. References
    1. Ravel (1995) Clinical Lab Medicine, Mosby, p. 662

Transferrin saturation measurement (C1277709)

Definition (NCI) The determination of the iron bound to transferrin in a sample.
Definition (NCI_CDISC) A measurement of the iron bound to transferrin in a biological specimen.
Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
SnomedCT 143134000, 143037009, 165634006, 315188003, 165730006
LNC MTHU023012
Italian Saturazione della transferrina, Saturazione di ferro
Dutch ijzersaturatie, transferrinesaturatie
French Saturation en fer, Saturation de la transferrine
German Eisensaettigung, Transferrinsaettigung
Portuguese Saturação de ferro, Saturação de transferina
Spanish Saturación de hierro, capacidad de unión al hierro de la transferrina, TIBC - capacidad total de fijación del hierro, capacidad de unión al hierro de la transferrina (procedimiento), Transferrin saturation index, Saturación de transferrina, determinación del índice de saturación de transferrina (procedimiento), determinación del índice de saturación de transferrina, saturación de la capacidad fijadora de hierro (procedimiento), saturación de la capacidad fijadora de hierro
Japanese トランスフェリン飽和度, 鉄飽和度, テツホウワド, トランスフェリンホウワド
English iron saturation (lab test), transferrin saturation, saturation transferrin, Iron saturation, Transferrin Saturation Measurement, Iron Saturation Percent, TFRRNSAT, Transferrin Saturation, Iron Saturation, Saturation of iron binding capacity (procedure), Saturation of iron binding capacity, Transferrin saturation, Transferrin saturation index, Percentage iron saturation, Serum iron to TIBC ratio, Serum transferrin saturation, Transferrin iron saturation, Transferrin saturation index (procedure), iron saturation, Transferrin saturation measurement
Czech Saturace železem, Saturace transferinu
Hungarian Transzferrin szaturáció, Vas szaturáció
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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