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Ham Test

Aka: Ham Test
  1. Normal
    1. Negative
  2. Positive
    1. Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
  3. False Positive
    1. Hereditary or acquired spherocytosis
    2. Transfusion with old Red Blood Cells
    3. Myeloproliferative syndromes
    4. Leukemia
    5. Hereditary dyserythropoietic Anemia type II (HEMPAS)

Hemolysin acid test (C0430257)

Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
SnomedCT 143099009, 143091007, 165690000, 165698007, 104149001
CPT 85475
English Hemolysin, acid, Acidified serum test, Hams test, Hemolysin acid test, acid hemolysin test (lab test), acidified serum lysis test, acidified serum lysis test (lab test), acid hemolysin test, ham test, ham's test, acidified serum test, hams test, Measurement of hemolysin (red blood cell destructive substance), Hemolysin acid, Ham's test, Acidified serum test (procedure), Acid hemolysin test, Acid haemolysin test, Acidified serum lysis test, RBC (procedure), Acidified serum lysis test, red blood cells (procedure), Acidified serum lysis test, red blood cells, Ham Test, Acid haemolysin assay, Acid hemolysin assay, Acidified serum lysis test, RBC, Acidified serum test, RBC, Ham test, HEMOLYSIN ACID
Spanish Hemolisina acida, Test de ham, Prueba de hemolisina ácida, ensayo de hemolisina ácida, prueba de Ham, prueba de lisis en suero acidificado, eritrocitos (procedimiento), prueba de lisis en suero acidificado, eritrocitos, prueba de suero acidificado, eritrocitos
Czech Test hemolýzy v okyseleném séru, Hamův test
Dutch zuur hemolysinetest, Ham-test
French Test d'hémolysine acide, Test de Ham et Dacie
German Ham-Test, Saeurehaemolysetest
Hungarian Sav haemolysin vizsgálat, Ham vizsgálat
Italian Test delle emolisine acide, Test di Ham
Japanese サンヨウケツシケン, ハム試験, 酸溶血試験, ハムシケン
Portuguese Prova de Ham, Teste de hemolisina ácida
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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