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Blackwater Fever

Aka: Blackwater Fever, Malarial Hemoglobinuria
  1. Pathophysiology
    1. Complication of Falciparum Malaria
  2. Symptoms
    1. Sudden onset of symptoms
    2. Chills, irregular fever
    3. Abdominal Pain (Liver, Spleen)
    4. Vomiting
    5. Headache
  3. Signs
    1. Enlarged tender liver
    2. Splenomegaly
    3. Retinal Hemorrhages
    4. Jaundice
    5. Shock
  4. Labs
    1. Blood smear with Malarial Parasites
    2. Hemoglobinuria

Blackwater Fever (C0005681)

Definition (MSH) A complication of MALARIA, FALCIPARUM characterized by the passage of dark red to black urine.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D001742
ICD9 084.8
SnomedCT 56625005
English Black Water Fever, Black Water Fevers, Blackwater Fever, Blackwater Fevers, Fever, Black Water, Fevers, Black Water, Fevers, Blackwater, Hemolytic Malaria, Hemolytic Malarias, Malaria, Hemolytic, Malarias, Hemolytic, Fever, Blackwater, blackwater fever, blackwater fever (diagnosis), Blackwater Fever [Disease/Finding], black water fever, Blackwater fever, Black water fever, Hemoglobinuric fever, Malarial hemoglobinuria, Malarial haemoglobinuria, Haemoglobinuric fever, Black water fever (disorder), blackwater fever; malarial, hemoglobinuria; malarial, malaria; blackwater fever, Malarial Hemoglobinuria, Hemoglobinuric, malaria
Dutch zwartwaterkoorts, hemoglobinurie; malaria, malaria; zwartwaterkoorts, zwartwaterkoorts; malaria, Koorts, zwartwater-, Malaria, hemolytische, Zwartwaterkoorts
Italian Ematinuria malarica, Malaria emolitica, Emoglobinuria da malaria
Portuguese Febre biliosa hemoglobinúrica, Febre Hemoglobinúrica, Malária Hemolítica
Spanish Fiebre hemoglobinúrica, Paludismo Hemolítico, fiebre del agua negra (trastorno), fiebre del agua negra, fiebre hemoglobinúrica, hemoglobinuria palúdica, Fiebre Hemoglobinúrica, Malaria Hemolítica
Swedish Svartvattenfeber
Japanese コクスイネツ, 黒水熱, 溶血性マラリア, マラリア-溶血性
Czech hemoglobinurická horečka, Těžká forma malárie
Finnish Mustavesikuume
French FBH (Fièvre Bilieuse Hémoglobinurique), Fièvre bilieuse hémoglobinurique
Polish Czarnomocz zimniczy, Hemoglobinuria zimnicza
Hungarian "feketevíz-láz"
German Malaria haemolytica, Schwarzwasserfieber
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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