Hematology and Oncology Book


Radiation Dermatitis

Aka: Radiation Dermatitis, Radiation Recall, Skin Reactions to Radiation Therapy, Radiation Therapy Induced Skin Changes
  1. See Also
    1. Radiation Therapy
  2. Signs: Early Changes following Radiation Therapy
    1. Erythema
      1. Pink, mildly swollen skin with Sensation of Pruritus or burning
    2. Dry Desquamation
      1. Epidermal basal cells partially sloughed
      2. Skin dryness, pealing or Scaling
      3. Hyperpigmentation
    3. Moist Desquamation
      1. Epidermal basal cells completely sloughed
      2. Blisters
      3. Serous discharge
      4. Neuropathic pain
  3. Signs: Late Changes following Radiation Therapy
    1. Skin pigmentation change
    2. Permanent Hair Loss
    3. Telangiectasia
    4. Skin atrophy
    5. Skin Ulceration
  4. Signs: Radiation Recall on re-initiation of Radiation Therapy
    1. Common associated agents
      1. Doxorubicin
      2. Fluorouracil
      3. Hydroxyurea
      4. Methotrexate
      5. Paclitaxel
    2. Findings
      1. Moist Desquamation occurs more rapidly in previously irradiated regions
  5. References
    1. Berkey (2010) Am Fam Physician 82(4):381-8 [PubMed]

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