Human Immunodeficiency Virus Book


  • Counseling in HIV Infection


Counseling in HIV Infection

Aka: Counseling in HIV Infection, HIV Positive Discussion
  1. Protocol: Discuss new HIV diagnosis
    1. See Breaking Bad News
    2. Review initial medical plan
      1. See HIV New Diagnosis
  2. Protocol: Discuss behaviors at risk for transmission to others
    1. See HIV Risk Screening Questions
    2. See HIV Transmission Prevention
    3. Discuss how to disclose HIV positive status
  3. Protocol: Review Support and Coping
    1. Discuss coping mechanisms
    2. What support systems do they have in place?
    3. Is the patient depressed or at risk of Suicide?
    4. Discuss the patient's family's reaction
      1. Are they in a safe at home?
      2. Are they being blamed for their illness?
      3. Is there abuse in the home?
    5. Are there financial concerns?
      1. Is their job secure?
      2. Assistance with finances, housing, or insurance?
    6. Other support services to consider
      1. Social services
      2. Psychology
      3. Legal counsel

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