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Colposcopy Findings

Aka: Colposcopy Findings
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  2. Findings: Normal Colposcopy
    1. Original Squamous epithelium (OSE)
      1. Distal Margin: Vulva
      2. Proximal Margin: Original Squamocolumnar junction
    2. Columnar epithelium (CE)
      1. Distal Margin: Squamous metaplasia
      2. Proximal Margin: Ectocervix and into Uterus
    3. Squamous metaplasia (SM)
      1. Mature Squamous Metaplasia (MSM)
        1. Distal Margin: Original Squamocolumnar Junction
        2. Proximal Margin: New Squamocolumnar junction
      2. Immature Squamous Metaplasia (ISM)
        1. Distal Margin: New Squamocolumnar junction
        2. Proximal Margin: Limit of squamous metaplasia
    4. Squamocolumnar junction (SCJ)
    5. Transformation zone
    6. Gland opening
    7. Nabothian cyst
  3. Findings: Changes associated with Low Grade SIL
    1. Koilocytosis
    2. Hyperkeratosis or Leukoplakia
    3. Light Acetowhite staining of Epithelium
      1. GynCervicalColposcopyAcetowhite1.jpg
    4. Blood vessel changes (Fine punctation or mosaicism)
      1. GynCervicalColposcopyMosacism.jpg
      2. GynCervicalColposcopyPunctationDrawing.jpg
      3. GynCervicalColposcopyPunctation1.jpg
    5. Atypical Lesion Margins: Irregular, angular, or jagged
    6. Condyloma or Papilloma: exophytic, verrucous, or flat
    7. Iodine Staining
  4. Findings: Changes Associated with High Grade SIL
    1. Blood Vessel changes (Coarse punctation or mosaicism)
    2. Abnormal blood vessels
    3. Erosions
    4. Dense Acetowhite staining of epithelium
      1. GynCervicalColposcopyAcetowhite2.jpg

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