Gynecology Book


Pelvic Nerve Innervation

Aka: Pelvic Nerve Innervation
  1. Anatomy: Spinal Level - S2-S4
    1. Organ
      1. Perineum
      2. Vulva
      3. Lower and upper vagina
      4. Cervix and Low Uterus
      5. Posterior Urethra
      6. Trigone
      7. Lower ureter
      8. Rectosigmoid colon
    2. Nerves
      1. Pudendal Nerve
      2. Inguinal Nerve
      3. Genitofemoral Nerve
      4. Posterior femoral Nerve
      5. Pelvic and Parasympathetic Nerves
  2. Anatomy: Spinal Level - T11-T12
    1. Organ
      1. Uterine Fundus
      2. Proximal third fallopian tube
      3. Broad ligament
      4. Upper Bladder
      5. Cecum, appendix and terminal Large Bowel
    2. Nerves
      1. Sympathetic Nerves via hypogastric plexus
  3. Anatomy: Spinal Level - T9-T10
    1. Organ
      1. Distal fallopian tube
      2. Upper Ureter
      3. Ovaries
    2. Sympathetic Nerves
      1. Aortic plexus
      2. Superior Mesenteric Plexus
      3. Renal plexus
  4. References
    1. Rapkin in Hacker (1992) Obstetrics Gynecology, p. 437

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