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Congenital Breast Changes

Aka: Congenital Breast Changes, Poland's Syndrome, Hypomastia
  1. Conditions
    1. Hypomastia
      1. Underdevelopment of female Breasts related to hypoestrogenic state
    2. Poland's Syndrome
      1. Aplasia of sternal head of pectoralis major Muscle
    3. Supernumerary Nipple
    4. Developmental Nipple Inversion

Poland Syndrome (C0032357)

Definition (MSHCZE) Dědičný komplex anomálií hrudníku, ramen a dlaní, unilaterální absence sternokostální hlavy u velkého hrudního svalu. (cit. Velký lékařský slovník online, 2013 )
Definition (NCI) A rare developmental disorder characterized by underdevelopment or absence of the pectoralis muscle in one side of the chest, usually associated with ipsilateral cutaneous syndactyly, and ipsilateral breast and nipple hypoplasia.
Definition (MSH) A syndrome which is characterized by symbrachydactyly and aplasia of the sternal head of pectoralis major.
Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019) , Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D011045
ICD10 Q79.8
SnomedCT 205524002, 38371006
English Poland's syndrome, Syndrome, Poland, POLAND SYNDROME, Poland sequence, POLAND ANOMALY, POLAND SYNDACTYLY, POLAND SEQUENCE, Poland's anomaly, Syndrome Polands, Poland Syndrome [Disease/Finding], Poland Syndactyly, Poland Anomaly, Anomaly, Poland, Syndactyly, Poland, poland anomaly, anomaly polands, poland's anomaly, poland's syndrome, polands syndrome, poland syndrome, poland syndrome (diagnosis), Poland Sequence, Poland syndrome (disorder), Poland anomalad, Poland anomaly, Poland anomaly (disorder), Unilateral defect of pectoralis muscle AND syndactyly of hand, Poland syndrome, Poland, Unilateral defect of pectoralis muscle and syndactyly of hand, Poland Syndrome
Dutch anomalie van Poland, syndroom van Poland, Poland-syndroom, Syndroom van Poland, Syndroom, Poland-
Italian Anomalia di Poland, Sindrome di Polands, Sindrome di Poland
Portuguese Anomalia de Poland, Síndrome de Poland
Spanish Anomalía de Poland, anomalía de Poland (trastorno), anomalía de Poland, defecto unilateral del músculo pectoral Y sindactilia de la mano, defecto unilateral del músculo pectoral y sindactilia de la mano, Síndrome de Poland
Japanese ポーランド奇形, ポーランドショウコウグン, ポーランドキケイ, Poland奇形, Poland症候群, ポーランド症候群, 鎖骨下動脈血流障害シークエンス
Swedish Polands syndrom
Czech Polandův syndrom, Polandova anomálie
Finnish Polandin anomalia
Polish Anomalia mięśnia piersiowego i palce zrośnięte, Zespół Polanda
Hungarian Syndroma Poland, Poland-syndroma, Poland-anomalia
Norwegian Polands syndaktyli, Poland-syndrom, Polands syndrom
German Polandsche Anomalie, Poland-Syndaktylie, Poland-Syndrom
French Aplasie pectorale-dysdactylie, Syndrome de Poland, Aplasie pectorale dysdactylique de Poland
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Congenital anomaly of breast (C0266008)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
ICD10 Q83.9, Q83
SnomedCT 205607003, 205986007, 83546008
English BREAST MALFORMATION, Cong malf of breast, unspec, Cong malformation of breast, Congenital malformation of breast, unspecified, [X]Cong malf of breast, unspec, [X]Congenital malformation of breast, unspecified, anomalies of breast, anomalies of breast (diagnosis), Breast malformation, Congenital malformations of breast, congenital anomaly of breast, malformation breast, breast malformations, [X]Congenital malformation of breast, unspecified (disorder), Congenital malformation of breast, Congenital anomaly of breast (disorder), Congenital anomaly of breast, breast; anomaly, breast; deformity, congenital, deformity; breast, congenital, anomaly; breast, Congenital anomaly of breast, NOS, Congenital malformation of breast, NOS
Italian Malformazione della mammella
Japanese 乳房奇形, ニュウボウキケイ
German Angeborene Fehlbildung der Mamma, nicht naeher bezeichnet, Angeborene Fehlbildungen der Mamma [Brustdruese], BRUSTMISSBILDUNG, Brustmissbildung
Portuguese MALFORMACAO MAMARIA, Malformação mamária
Spanish MALFORMACION MAMARIA, anomalía congénita del seno, malformación congénita de mama, anomalía congénita de glándula mamaria (trastorno), anomalía congénita de seno, anomalía congénita de glándula mamaria, anomalía congénita de mama, malformación congénita del seno, anomalía congénita de la mama (trastorno), anomalía congénita de la mama, [X]malformación congénita de la mama, no especificada (trastorno), [X]malformación congénita de la mama, no especificada, Malformación mamaria
French MALFORMATION MAMMAIRE, Malformation du sein
Czech Malformace prsu
Korean 유방의 선천 기형, 상세불명의 유방의 선천 기형
Hungarian Emlő fejlődési zavar
Dutch anomalie; mamma, mamma; anomalie, mamma; misvorming, congenitaal, misvorming; mamma, congenitaal, Congenitale misvorming van mamma, niet gespecificeerd, borstmisvorming, Congenitale misvormingen van mamma
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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