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Cervix Anatomy

Aka: Cervix Anatomy, Uterine Cervix, Cervix
  1. Anatomy: Columnar Epithelium Landmarks (Uterus)
    1. Endocervical canal
      1. Columnar epithelium villi
    2. Ectropion
      1. Eversion of columnar epithelium onto ectocervix
      2. Appears like an erosion
  2. Anatomy: Transitional Landmarks (Squamous Metaplasia)
    1. Transformation Zone
      1. From True (proximal) to Original (distal) SCJ
      2. Where premalignant changes and neoplasia occur
      3. Encompasses Immature and mature squamous metaplasia
      4. GynCervicalColposcopyTransitionZone.jpg
    2. True Squamocolumnar junction
      1. Upper or proximal limit of squamous metaplasia
      2. Usually not visualized
        1. Within endocervical canal
        2. Approximately 3 cm from observed SCJ
    3. Immature Squamous metaplasia
    4. Observed Squamocolumnar Junction
      1. GynCervicalColposcopySquamocolumnarJunction1.jpg
      2. GynCervicalColposcopySquamocolumnarJunction3.jpg
  3. Anatomy: Squamous Epithelium Landmarks (Vagina)
    1. Mature squamous metaplasia
      1. Nabothian cysts/follicles are in this area
      2. GynCervicalColposcopySquamousMetaplasia.jpg
    2. Original Squamocolumnar Junction
    3. Squamous epithelium
    4. Ectocervix

Cervix Diseases (C0007867)

Definition (MEDLINEPLUS)

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus, the place where a baby grows during pregnancy. The cervix has a small opening that expands during childbirth. It also allows menstrual blood to leave a woman's body.

Your healthcare provider may perform a Pap test during your health checkup to look for changes to the cells of the cervix, including cervical cancer. Other problems with the cervix include:

  • Cervicitis: inflammation of the cervix
  • Cervical incompetence: widening of the cervical opening during pregnancy long before the baby is due
  • Cervical polyps and cysts: abnormal growths on the cervix
Definition (NCI) A non-neoplastic or neoplastic disorder that affects the cervix. Representative examples include cervicitis, endocervical polyp, and carcinoma.
Definition (CSP) deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of the cervix.
Definition (MSH) Pathological processes of the UTERINE CERVIX.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D002577
SnomedCT 63339007, 156014001, 266661001, 156010005, 286988004
English Cervix Disease, Cervix Diseases, Disease, Cervix, Diseases, Cervix, cervix disorder, UTERINE CERVICAL DIS, CERVIX DIS, Disorders of cervix NOS, Disease of uterine cervix, disorder of cervix, disorder of cervix (diagnosis), Cervical disorder NOS, Disorder cervix, Cervix uterine disorder (NOS), Disorder uterine cervix, Uterine disorder cervix, Uterine Cervical Diseases [Disease/Finding], cervix disorders, cervical diseases, cervical disorders, cervix disease, cervical disorder, cervical disease, Uterine cervical disorder NOS, Cervix Disorders, Uterine Cervix Disorders, Disorders of cervix (& [NOS]) (disorder), Cervix disorders, Disorders of cervix (& [NOS]), Disorders of cervix NOS (disorder), Cervix disorder, Disorder of cervix, Disease of cervix, Cervical disease nos, disease (or disorder); cervix, Disease of cervix, NOS, Disease of uterine cervix, NOS, Disorder of cervix, NOS, Disorder of uterine cervix, NOS, Disease of uterine cervix (disorder), Disorder of uterine cervix, Disorder of uterine cervix (disorder), Cervical Disorder, Cervical Disease, Uterine, Cervical Diseases, Uterine, Disease, Uterine Cervical, Diseases, Uterine Cervical, Uterine Cervical Diseases, Uterine Cervical Disease
Italian Patologia della cervice, Patologia della cervice uterina, Patologia della cervice uterina (NAS), Patologia cervicale NAS, Patologia della cervice uterina NAS, Malattie della cervice uterina
Dutch baarmoederhalsaandoening NAO, cervix uterina aandoening (NAO), aandoening cervix uterina, uterusaandoening cervix, cervixaandoening NAO, aandoening cervix, Ziekte cervix uteri nao, aandoening; cervix, cervixaandoening, Baarmoederhalsziekte, Baarmoederhalsziekten, Cervix-uteri-ziekte, Ziekte, baarmoederhals-, Ziekten, baarmoederhals-
French Trouble cervical SAI, Trouble du col utérin, Affection cervicale, Affection du col utérin SAI, Maladies du col de l'utérus, Trouble du col de l'utérus, Maladies cervicales de l'utérus, Maladies du col utérin
German Erkrankung der Zervix NNB, Erkrankung der Cervix uteri (NNB), Erkrankung der Cervix uteri, Erkrankungen der Zervix des Uterus NNB, Krankheiten der Zervix uteri, Krankheiten der Cervix uteri, Erkrankung der Zervix, Zervixkrankheiten
Portuguese Afecção do colo do útero, Afecção do colo do útero NE, Afecção do cérvix NE, Doenças Cervicouterinas, Anomalia do colo do útero, Doenças do Colo Uterino, Doenças do Colo do Útero
Spanish Trastorno de cérvix uterino, Trastorno cervicouterino NEOM, Trastorno cervical NEOM, Trastorno del cuello uterino (NEOM), enfermedad del cuello del útero (trastorno), Disorders of cervix NOS, trastornos del cuello uterino, SAI, trastornos del cuello uterino, SAI (trastorno), Enfermedades Cérvico-Uterinas, trastorno de cuello uterino, Trastorno de cérvix, trastorno del cuello del útero (trastorno), trastorno del cuello del útero, enfermedad del cuello del útero, Enfermedades del Cuello Uterino, Enfermedades del Cuello del Útero
Japanese 子宮頚部障害, 子宮頚管障害NOS, 子宮頚管障害, シキュウケイカンショウガイNOS, シキュウケイカンショウガイ, シキュウケイブショウガイ, 子宮頚疾患, 子宮頸部疾患, 子宮頚部疾患, 子宮頸疾患
Swedish Livmoderhalssjukdomar
Finnish Kohdunkaulan sairaudet
Czech Porucha děložního hrdla NOS, Cervikální porucha NOS, Porucha děložního hrdla, Porucha hrdla děložního, Porucha děložního hrdla (NOS), nemoci cervix uteri, cervix uteri - nemoci
Polish Choroby szyjki macicy
Hungarian Cervicalis rendellenesség k.m.n., Méhnyak betegsége, Méhnyakbetegség, méhnyakbetegség (k.m.n.), Cervix betegség, Méhnyak betegség k.m.n., Cervix uteri betegség
Norwegian Cervixsykdommer, Livmorhalssykdommer, Sykdommer i cervix uteri, Sykdommer i livmorhals
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Cervix Uteri (C0007874)

Definition (NCI) The lower part of the uterus occupying the region between the isthmus of the uterus and the vagina. It is divided into supravaginal and vaginal portions.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) The lower, narrow end of the uterus that forms a canal between the uterus and vagina.
Definition (NCI_CDISC) The lower part of the uterus occupying the region between the isthmus of the uterus and the vagina. It is divided into supravaginal and vaginal portions. (NCI)
Definition (MSH) The neck portion of the UTERUS between the lower isthmus and the VAGINA forming the cervical canal.
Definition (CSP) neck portion of the uterus between the lower isthmus and the vagina forming the cervical canal.
Concepts Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component (T023)
MSH D002584
SnomedCT 71252005
LNC LP7136-7, LP7162-3, MTHU001800
English Cervix, Cervixes, Cervix of uterus, Cervical canal, Cervical canal of uterus, Canalis cervicis uteri, Neck of uterus, Cvx, of cervix uterus, neck uterus, cervixes, of uterus cervix, uterine cervix, cervix uteri, neck of uterus, cervix uterine, CERVIX, cervix, CERVIX UTERI, Uterine Cervix, Cervix, Uterine, Uterine cervix, Cervix uteri including exocervix and endocervix, Cervix uteri, Cervix uteri structure, Cervix uteri structure (body structure), Uterine cervix, NOS, Cervix uteri, NOS, Cervix, NOS, Cervix Uteri, Genital System, Female, Cervix, Genital Cervix, Cervix/Uterus
Swedish Livmoderhals
Czech čípek děložní, cervix uteri, cervix uteri - hypertrofie, hrdlo děložní, děložní krček, krček děložní
Spanish Cuello del Útero, Cuello Uterino, Cérvix del Útero, Cérvix Uterino, cervix, cuello del útero, cuello uterino que abarca el exocérvix y el endocérvix, estructura del cuello del útero (estructura corporal), estructura del cuello del útero
Finnish Kohdunkaula
Italian Cervice, Cervici, Cervice uterina
Japanese 子宮頸, 子宮頚, 子宮頸管
Latvian Dzemdes kakliņš, Dzemdes kakls
Polish Szyjka macicy
Norwegian Livmorhals, Cervix uteri, Cervix
Portuguese Cérvix do Útero, Cerviz Uterina, Colo Uterino, Cérvix Uterino, Cerviz do Útero, Colo do Útero
German Cervix uteri, Zervix, Gebärmutterhals
Dutch Baarmoederhals, Cervix uteri
French Col utérin, Col de l'utérus
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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