Geriatric Medicine Book


Community Services for the Elderly

Aka: Community Services for the Elderly, Caregiver Reources
  1. Prevention: Services
    1. Senior Centers
    2. Meal preparation (Meals on wheels, Congregate dining)
    3. Adult day care or day hospital (includes medical care)
    4. Housekeeping and home repair services
    5. Telephone contact services
      1. Emergency medical call button worn by patient
      2. Scheduled daily phone call to check on status
    6. Transportation services
    7. Case management
    8. Caregiver services (e.g. Respite Care)
  2. Resources: Community Resources
    1. Eldercare Locator - Administration on Aging
    2. Paying for senior care
    3. Family Caregiving Alliance
    4. ARCH National Respite Care Network
  3. Resources: Supprt
    1. Caring Today
    2. National Alliance for caregiving
    3. National family Caregivers Association
    4. National Family Caregiver Support Program (Administration on Aging)
    5. National Institute on Aging
    6. Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving
  4. Resources: Education
    1. AGIS Caregiver Kit

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