Geriatric Medicine Book


Nursing Home Care

Aka: Nursing Home Care, Nursing Home Management, Nursing Home
  1. See Also
    1. Health Maintenance in Adults
    2. Preventing Adverse Events in Hospitalized Elderly
  2. Management: Dementia and behavior
    1. See Dementia Management
    2. See No-fail Environment in Dementia
    3. See Dementia Related Malnutrition
    4. See Agitation in Dementia
    5. See Sleep Problems in Dementia
    6. See Wandering Behavior in Dementia
  3. Management: Infectious Disease
    1. See Pneumonia Management in the Nursing Home Resident
    2. See Infection in the Nursing Home Resident
    3. See Infections in Older Adults
  4. Prevention
    1. Influenza Vaccine for all residents and staff annually
    2. Pneumococcal PolysaccharideVaccine (Pneumovax)
    3. Consider Herpes Zoster Vaccine (Zostavax)
    4. Prevent Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcal Aureus (MRSA)
      1. Strict Handwashing practices by residents, guests, staff
      2. Barrier precautions for wounds and medical devices
      3. No routine screening, isolation, or aggressive housekeeping

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