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Endoscope Cleaning

Aka: Endoscope Cleaning
  1. Immediately after procedure
    1. Immediately immerse scope tip in water after procedure
    2. Flush suction channel to prevent clogging with debris
    3. Brush suction channel and flush suction channel again
    4. Place scope tubing in mild detergent solution
  2. Scope cleaning
    1. Wash scope external sheath with sponge
    2. Remove and clean biopsy, suction, air and water valves
    3. Clean biopsy channel with mild detergent solution
    4. Rinse scope with tap water and flush all channels
    5. Clean biopsy forceps
  3. Scope Disinfection
    1. Suction 50 ml Glutaraldehyde through biopsy channel
    2. Fill water insufflation bottle >50 ml glutaraldehyde
    3. Flush glutaraldehyde through air/water channel
    4. Lay scope tubing in glutaraldehyde for 10-20 minutes
    5. Lay biopsy forceps in glutaraldehyde for 10-20 minutes
    6. Do not immerse control head
  4. Scope Rinsing
    1. Rinse scope in tap water
    2. Flush biopsy channel for 60 seconds with warm tap water
    3. Rinse scope tubing with tap water
    4. Suction air through biopsy channel for 60 seconds
    5. Suction air through air/water channel for 60 seconds
    6. Dry valves with cotton-tipped swabs
  5. Scope Drying
    1. Hang scope to dry
    2. Leave water bottle open to air dry
  6. References
    1. Tremain (1991) J Fam Pract 32:300 [PubMed]

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