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Alkaline Phosphatase

Aka: Alkaline Phosphatase
  1. See Also
    1. Liver Function Test
    2. Liver Function Test Abnormality
  2. Normal: 30-120 U/L
  3. Increased
    1. Gastrointestinal Disease
      1. Bowel Disease
        1. Ulcerative Colitis
        2. Bowel perforation
      2. Hepatic Cholestasis
        1. Fatty Liver
        2. Alcoholic Hepatitis
        3. Benign or malignant liver tumor
        4. Primary biliary Cirrhosis
        5. Drug induced liver disease
        6. Hepatic Granuloma
        7. Hepatic Cyst
      3. Biliary Cholestasis
        1. Cholecystitis
        2. Cholelithiasis
        3. Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
        4. Primary biliary Cirrhosis
    2. Bone disease
      1. Paget's Disease
      2. Osteitis Deformans
      3. Rickets
      4. Osteomalacia
      5. Bone Cancer or bone metastases
      6. Healing Fracture
    3. Endocrine disease
      1. Hypervitaminosis D
      2. Hyperparathyroidism
      3. Hyperthyroidism
      4. Acromegaly
    4. Infectious disease
      1. Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)
      2. Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
      3. Sepsis
    5. Medications
      1. Estrogens
        1. Estrogen Replacement Therapy
        2. Oral Contraceptives
      2. Albumin
      3. Erythromycin (and other antibiotics)
      4. Phenothiazines
    6. Other Causes
      1. Pulmonary Infarction
      2. Congestive Heart Failure
      3. Leukemia
      4. Myelofibrosis
      5. Multiple Myeloma
  4. Decreased
    1. Hypothyroidism
    2. Pernicious Anemia
    3. Hypophosphatemia
    4. Hypervitaminosis D
    5. Poor nutrition

Alkaline Phosphatase (C0002059)

Definition (CHV) name of an enzyme
Definition (CHV) name of an enzyme
Definition (CHV) name of an enzyme
Definition (CHV) name of an enzyme
Definition (NCI) An enzyme that catalyses the cleavage of inorganic phosphate non-specifically from a wide variety of phosphate esters and having a high (greater than 8) pH optimum.(On-line Medical Dictionary)
Definition (SPN) A leukocyte alkaline phosphatase test is a device used to identify the enzyme leukocyte alkaline phosphatase in neutrophilic granulocytes (granular leukocytes stainable by neutral dyes). The cytochemical identification of alkaline phosphatase depends on the formation of blue granules in cells containing alkaline phosphatase. The results of this test are used to differentiate chronic granulocytic leukemia (a malignant disease characterized by excessive overgrowth of granulocytes in the bone marrow) and reactions that resemble true leukemia, such as those occuring in severe infections and polycythemia (increased total red cell mass).
Definition (MSH) An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of an orthophosphoric monoester and water to an alcohol and orthophosphate. EC
Concepts Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein (T116) , Enzyme (T126)
MSH D000469
SnomedCT 143945001, 269995004, 57056007
LNC LP15346-7, MTHU005195
English Alkaline Phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, Orthophosphoric-monoester phosphohydrolase (alkaline optimum), ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE, AP, alkaline phosphomonoesterase, glycerophosphatase, Alkaline Phosphatase [Chemical/Ingredient], alkaline phosphatases, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), phosphomonoesterase, Alkaline phosphatase, Alkaline phosphomonoesterase, Glycerophosphatase, Phosphomonoesterase, ALP - Alkaline phosphatase, AP - Alkaline phosphatase, Alkaline phosphatase (substance)
Swedish Alkaliskt fosfatas
Czech alkalická fosfatasa
Finnish Alkalinen fosfataasi
Polish Fosfataza zasadowa, Fosfataza alkaliczna
Spanish fosfatasa alcalina (sustancia), fosfatasa alcalina, fosfomonoesterasa alcalina, fosfomonoesterasa, glicerofosfatasa, Fosfatasa Alcalina
French Alcaline phosphatase, Alcaline phosphomonoesterase, Phosphatase alcaline, Phosphomonoestérase alcaline
German Alkalische Phosphatase
Italian Fosfatasi alcalina
Portuguese Fosfatase Alcalina
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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