Gastroenterology Book


Puddle Sign

Aka: Puddle Sign
  1. Indication
    1. Detects Ascites down to 120 cc of free fluid
  2. Technique
    1. Patient lies prone for 5 minutes
    2. Patient then rises onto elbows and knees
    3. Apply stethoscope diaphragm to most dependent Abdomen
    4. Examiner repeatedly flicks near flank with finger
      1. Continue to flick at same spot on Abdomen
    5. Move stethoscope across Abdomen away from examiner
    6. Sound loudness increases at farther edge of puddle
    7. Sound transmission does not change when patient sits
  3. Interpretation
    1. Augmentation of sound intensity suggests Ascites

Puddle sign (C0426679)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 249557007
English abdominal puddle sign, abdominal puddle sign (physical finding), ascites puddle sign, Puddle sign, Puddle sign (finding)
Spanish signo del charco (hallazgo), signo del charco
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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