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Spleen Anatomy

Aka: Spleen Anatomy, Spleen
  1. See Also
    1. Abdominal Anatomy
    2. Splenomegaly
    3. Ruptured Spleen
    4. Splenic Sequestration in Sickle Cell Anemia
    5. Splenic Abscess
  2. Physiology
    1. Component of the hepatoportal system
    2. Largest organ of the Lymphatic System
    3. Functions
      1. Filter blood for abnormal or aging red bood cells
      2. Red Blood Cell storage
      3. Red Blood Cell production (in times of stress)
        1. Primary Red Blood Cell production is in Bone Marrow
      4. Platelet storage
      5. Production and distribution of immune cells and antibodies
  3. Anatomy: Images
    1. giSpleenGrayBB1188.gifLewis (1918) Gray's Anatomy 20th ed (in public domain at Yahoo or BartleBy)
    2. giSpleenVeinGrayBB1189.gifLewis (1918) Gray's Anatomy 20th ed (in public domain at Yahoo or BartleBy)
    3. giSpleenArteryGrayBB1190.gifLewis (1918) Gray's Anatomy 20th ed (in public domain at Yahoo or BartleBy)

Splenic Diseases (C0037997)

Definition (MEDLINEPLUS)

Your spleen is an organ above your stomach and under your ribs on your left side. It is about as big as your fist. The spleen is part of your lymphatic system, which fights infection and keeps your body fluids in balance. It contains white blood cells that fight germs. Your spleen also helps control the amount of blood in your body, and destroys old and damaged cells.

Certain diseases might cause your spleen to swell. You can also damage or rupture your spleen in an injury, especially if it is already swollen. If your spleen is too damaged, you might need surgery to remove it. You can live without a spleen. Other organs, such as your liver, will take over some of the spleen's work. Without a spleen, however, your body will lose some of its ability to fight infections.

Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder of the spleen.
Definition (NCI) A non-neoplastic or neoplastic disorder affecting the spleen. Examples include infection, hemangioma, lymphoma, leukemia and angiosarcoma.
Definition (CSP) condition in which there is a deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of the spleen.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D013158
ICD9 289.50
ICD10 D73.9, D73
SnomedCT 51244008, 154839008, 267570002, 191385006, 191381002, 58381000
English Disease, Splenic, Diseases, Splenic, Splenic Disease, Splenic Diseases, SPLEEN DISORDER, spleen disorder, Disease of spleen unspecified, Disease of spleen, unspecified, Disease of spleen NOS, SPLENIC DIS, Disease of spleen, splenic disorders (diagnosis), splenic disorders, Disorder spleen, Spleen disorder NOS, Spleen disorders, Spleen Disorder, Spleen disease NOS, Diseases of spleen, Splenic Diseases [Disease/Finding], disease splenic, disorders spleen, Disease;spleen, disorder spleen, disease spleen, spleen diseases, of spleen disease, diseases of the spleen, diseases of spleen, spleen disease, spleen disorders, splenic diseases, Spleen Diseases, Splenic Diseaess, Splenic diseases, Disease of spleen unspecified (disorder), Disease of spleen NOS (disorder), Splenopathy, Spleen--Diseases, Spleen disorder, Dyssplenism, Spleen disease, Splenic disorder, disease (or disorder); spleen, spleen; disease, spleen; hyperfunction, splenopathy, Disease of spleen, NOS, Splenic disorder, NOS, Splenic syndrome, NOS, Disorder of spleen, Disease of spleen (disorder), Disorder of spleen (disorder), Splenic Disorder, splenic disorder, splenic disease
Italian Patologia della milza, Patologie della milza, Malattia della milza, non specificata, Patologia della milza NAS, Malattie della milza
Dutch miltaandoening, niet-gespecificeerd, aandoening milt, miltaandoening NAO, aandoening; milt, milt; aandoening, milt; hyperfunctie, Ziekte van milt, niet gespecificeerd, miltaandoeningen, miltaandoening, Ziekten van milt, Miltziekte, Miltziekten, Ziekte, milt-, Ziekten, milt-
French Maladie de la rate non précisée, Affection de la rate, Troubles spléniques SAI, AFFECTION SPLENIQUE, Affections spléniques, Trouble de la rate, Splénopathies, Maladies de la rate, Maladies spléniques
German Erkrankung der Milz, unspezifisch, Erkrankung der Milz NNB, Krankheit der Milz, nicht naeher bezeichnet, Krankheiten der Milz, MILZVERAENDERUNG, Erkrankungen der Milz, Milzerkrankung, Milzkrankheiten
Portuguese Afecção do baço, Doença do baço NE, Afecção esplénica NE, ALTERACAO ESPLENICA, Doenças do Baço, Anomalia do baço, Doenças do baço, Esplenopatias
Spanish Enfermedad del bazo no especificada, Trastorno de bazo, Trastorno del bazo NEOM, síndrome esplénico, BAZO, TRASTORNO, enfermedad esplénica, SAI, enfermedad del bazo, SAI, enfermedad del bazo no especificada, enfermedad del bazo, SAI (trastorno), enfermedad del bazo no especificada (trastorno), displenismo, enfermedad del bazo, trastorno esplénico (trastorno), trastorno esplénico, Trastorno del bazo, Trastornos esplénicos, Enfermedades del Bazo
Japanese 脾障害, 詳細不明の脾臓疾患, 脾臓障害NOS, 脾臓障害, ヒゾウショウガイNOS, ヒゾウショウガイ, ヒショウガイ, ショウサイフメイノヒゾウシッカン
Swedish Mjältsjukdomar
Finnish Pernan sairaudet
Czech Porucha sleziny, Onemocnění sleziny, blíže neurčené, Onemocnění sleziny, Porucha sleziny NOS, Poruchy sleziny, nemoci sleziny, slezina - nemoci
Korean 상세불명의 지라의 질환, 지라의 질환
Polish Choroby śledziony
Hungarian Lép betegségek, lép nem meghatározott betegsége, lépbetegség, lép betegsége, lépbetegség k.m.n.
Norwegian Miltsykdommer, Sykdommer i milten
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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