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Aka: Anisocoria, Unequal Pupil
  1. See Also
    1. Pupil Disorder
  2. Pathophysiology
    1. Images
      1. EyePupillaryReactionNeuroPath.png
      2. EyePupillaryReaction.png
  3. Definition
    1. Inequality between pupil diameters
  4. Differential Diagnosis: General
    1. Congenital (normal variant in 20% of population)
    2. Tabes Dorsalis
    3. Trigeminal Neuralgia
    4. Carotid aneurysm
    5. Aortic aneurysm
    6. Unilateral Intracranial Mass
    7. Glaucoma
    8. Adie's Pupils
    9. Amblyopia
    10. Horner Syndrome
    11. Third nerve palsy (or parasympathetic abnormality)
  5. Findings: Miosis (Pupil Constriction) of one, but not the other
    1. Iritis
    2. Cervical sympathetic paralysis
    3. Miotic drug (e.g. Pilocarpine)
  6. Findings: Mydriasis (pupil dilatation) of one, but not the other
    1. Mydriatic drug (e.g. Atropine)
    2. Cranial Nerve III paralysis
    3. Acute Glaucoma

Anisocoria (C0003079)

Definition (MSHCZE) Stav, kdy zornice obou očí nemají stejnou velikost. Může mít příčiny jak v oku samém, tak v nervovém systému. A. je důležitý příznak intrakraniálního krvácení, přičemž zornice na postižené straně je široká a nereaguje na světlo. Opak izokorie. (cit. Velký lékařský slovník online, 2013 http://lekarske.slovniky.cz/ )
Definition (MSH) Unequal pupil size, which may represent a benign physiologic variant or a manifestation of disease. Pathologic anisocoria reflects an abnormality in the musculature of the iris (IRIS DISEASES) or in the parasympathetic or sympathetic pathways that innervate the pupil. Physiologic anisocoria refers to an asymmetry of pupil diameter, usually less than 2mm, that is not associated with disease.
Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D015875
ICD9 379.41
ICD10 H57.02
SnomedCT 194165001, 103270007, 13045009
English Anisocoria, ANISOCORIA, anisocoria (physical finding), anisocoria, unequal pupils, Anisocoria-unequal pupil diam., Pupil unequal, Pupils unequal, Pupil Diameter Unequal, Inequality, Pupillary Size, Pupillary Size Inequality, Anisocoria [Disease/Finding], anisocorias, pupils unequal, unequal pupil, Anisocoria - unequal pupil diameter (disorder), Unequal pupils (finding), Pupillary asymmetry, Unequal pupils, Unequal pupil diameter, Anisocoria - unequal pupil diameter, Anisocoria (disorder)
French ANISOCORIE, Pupille inégale, Pupilles inégales, Anisocorie, Asymétrie pupillaire, Inégalité pupillaire
Portuguese ANISOCORIA, Pupilas desiguais, Anisocoria
Spanish ANISOCORIA, Pupila desigual, pupilas desiguales (hallazgo), pupilas desiguales, anisocoria (trastorno), anisocoria, Pupilas desiguales, Anisocoria
Italian Pupille diseguali, Pupille disuguali, Pupilla diseguale, Diametro diverso delle pupille, Disuguaglianza della misura pupillare, Anisocoria
Dutch anisocorie, pupillen ongelijk van grootte, ongelijke pupillen, pupilllen ongelijk, Anisocorie
German Pupille ungleich, ungleiche Pupillen, PUPILLENWEITE UNGLEICH, Pupillen ungleich, Anisokorie, Pupillendifferenz, Pupillengröße, ungleiche, Ungleiche Pupillengröße
Swedish Anisokori
Japanese ドウコウフドウ, ドウコウフドウショウ, 瞳孔左右不同症, 瞳孔不同症, 瞳孔左右不同, 瞳孔不同
Czech anizokorie, Nestejná šíře zornic, Anizokorie, Nestejná zornice
Finnish Anisokoria
Polish Nierówność źrenic, Anizokoria
Hungarian Anisocoria, Nem egyforma pupillák, Nem egyenlő nagyságú pupillák, Pupilla inaequalis
Norwegian Anisokori, Ulik pupillstørrelse
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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