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Aka: Ptosis, Eyelid Ptosis, Drooping Eyelid, Droopy Eyelid, Blepharoptosis
  1. Definitions
    1. Ptosis
      1. Failed Eyelid opening or drooping upper Eyelid
  2. Causes
    1. Congenital
      1. Bilateral paralysis of Levator palpebrae superioris (congenital levator paralysis)
        1. Causes complete Ptosis
    2. Acquired
      1. Oculomotor Nerve Paralysis (CN 3 Palsy)
        1. Anisocoria with Mydriasis and absent Pupillary Light Reflex
      2. Encephalitis
      3. Horner's Syndrome
        1. Incomplete Ptosis
        2. Anisocoria with Miosis but normal Pupillary Light Reflex
        3. Anhydrosis
      4. Myasthenia Gravis
        1. No pupil defect
        2. Accompanied by weakness on eating, chewing, Swallowing
        3. Also proximal extremity Muscle Weakness and may progress to respiratory Muscle Weakness
      5. Myotonic Dystrophy
      6. Orbital inflammation
      7. Orbital Neoplasm
      8. Orbital Trauma
  3. References
    1. Trobe (2012) Physician's Guide to Eye Care, AAO, San Francisco, p. 50-2

Blepharoptosis (C0005745)

Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) Drooping of the upper eyelid.
Definition (MSH) Drooping of the upper lid due to deficient development or paralysis of the levator palpebrae muscle.
Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190)
MSH D001763
ICD9 374.30, 374.3
ICD10 H02.4, H02.409, H02.40
SnomedCT 11934000, 193945000, 193942002, 193943007, 155179008, 204197004
English Blepharoptoses, Blepharoptosis, Eyelid Ptoses, Ptoses, Eyelid, Ptosis, Eyelid, EYELID PTOSIS, Ptosis of eyelid, unspecified, eyelids ptosis, drooping eyelid (symptom), blepharoptosis, ptosis of eyelid, ptosis (physical finding), ptosis of eyelid (diagnosis), drooping eyelid, ptosis, Eyelid ptosis, Ptosis of eyelid NOS, Unspecified ptosis of unspecified eyelid, Unspecified ptosis of eyelid, Blepharoptosis [Disease/Finding], droopy eyelids, Drooping;eyelid, Ptosis;eyelid, drooped eyelid, eyelid droop, droopy eyelid, eyelid drooping, eyelid ptosis, Eyelid Ptosis, Ptosis eyelid, Droopy eyelids, Unspecified ptosis of eyelid (disorder), Ptosis of eyelid NOS (disorder), Upper eyelid drooped, PTOSIS, Drooping eyelid, Ptosis of eyelid, Droopy eyelid, Ptosis of eyelid (disorder), Ptosis, eyelid; ptosis, ptosis; eyelid, Ptosis of eyelid, NOS
Portuguese PTOSE PALPEBRAL, Ptose palpebral NE, Ptose palpebral, Blefaroptose, Ptose Palpebral
Spanish PTOSIS PALPEBRAL, Ptosis palpebral no especificada, ptosis palpebral, ptosis de párpado (trastorno), blefaroptosis, ptosis de párpado, ptosis palpebral (trastorno), ptosis palpebral, SAI, ptosis palpebral no especificada, ptosis palpebral no especificada (trastorno), ptosis palpebral, SAI (trastorno), párpado caído, Ptosis palpebral, Blefaroptosis, Ptosis Palpebral
Dutch blefaroptose, ptose van ooglid, ooglidptose, niet-gespecificeerd, ooglid; ptose, ptose; ooglid, Ptosis van ooglid, ooglidptose, Blefaroptose, Hangend ooglid, Ptose, blefaro-, Ptosis van het ooglid
French Ptose de la paupière, non précisée, Ptose de la paupière, PTOSE DE LA PAUPIERE, Blépharoptose, Ptosis
German Ptose des Augenlids, unspezifisch, Ptose des Augenlids, PTOSIS AUGENLID, Ptosis des Augenlides, Augenlidptosis, Blepharoptose, Ptosis, Augenlid-
Italian Ptosi delle palpebre, Ptosi della palpebra, Ptosi palpebrale, Blefaroptosi
Japanese 眼瞼下垂、詳細不明, ガンケンカスイ, ガンケンカスイショウサイフメイ, 眼瞼下垂, 眼瞼下垂症
Swedish Nedsänkt ögonlock
Czech oční víčka - ptóza, blefaroptóza, Ptóza očního víčka, Blefaroptóza, Pokles očního víčka, blíže neurčený, Pokles očního víčka
Finnish Riippuluomi
Korean 눈꺼풀처짐(증)
Polish Opadanie powiek, Opadnięcie powiek, Opadanie powieki, Opadnięcie powieki
Hungarian Szemhéj ptosis, Szemhéj ptosis, nem meghatározott, Blepharoptosis, Ptosis
Norwegian Øyelokksptose, Nedsunket øyelokk, Blefaroptose
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Ptosis (C0033377)

Definition (CHV) abnormal lowering of an organ or a part
Definition (CHV) abnormal lowering of an organ or a part
Definition (CHV) abnormal lowering of an organ or a part
Definition (CHV) abnormal lowering of an organ or a part
Definition (CHV) abnormal lowering of an organ or a part
Definition (CHV) abnormal lowering of an organ or a part
Definition (MSH) The protrusion of an organ or part of an organ into a natural or artificial orifice.
Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190) , Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D011391
SnomedCT 29696001
English Ptosis, Prolapse, Prolapses, PTOSIS, Prolapse [Disease/Finding], caudal displacement, prolapses, ptosis, procidentias, prolapse, PROLAPSE, Procidentia, Caudal displacement, Downward displacement, Inferior displacement, Prolapse (morphologic abnormality), procidentia
French PTOSIS, Procidence, Prolapsus, Ptose
Dutch ptose, subtotale prolaps, Prolaps, Prolapsus
German Procidentia uteri, Ptose, PTOSIS, Prolaps
Italian Ptosi, Prolasso
Portuguese Procidência, Ptose palpebral, PTOSE, Prolapso
Spanish Ptosis, Procidencia, PTOSIS, desplazamiento caudal, desplazamiento descendente, desplazamiento en dirección inferior, procidencia, prolapso (anomalía morfológica), prolapso, ptosis, Prolapso
Japanese 眼瞼下垂, 子宮腟脱, シキュウチツダツ, ガンケンカスイ
Swedish Framfall
Czech prolaps, Ptóza, Prolaps
Finnish Esiinluiskahdus
Croatian Not Translated[Prolapse]
Polish Wypadanie
Hungarian Ptosis, Prolapsus
Norwegian Prolaps, Framfall, Fremfall, Prolapsus
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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