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Ocular Hypotension

Aka: Ocular Hypotension, Ocular Hypotony, Decreased Intraocular Pressure
  1. See Also
    1. Intraocular Pressure
    2. Blunt Eye Trauma
    3. Anterior Chamber Blunt Trauma
    4. Glaucoma
  2. Definitions
    1. Ocular Hypotony (Ocular Hypotension)
      1. Intraocular Pressure <5 mm Hg
  3. Evaluation
    1. See Intraocular Pressure
  4. Causes
    1. Aqueous Humor Loss in acute Eye Trauma
      1. Cyclodialysis Cleft
      2. Globe Rupture
    2. Decreased Aqueous Humor Production
      1. Inflammation
      2. Medications
      3. Proliferative Retinopathy
  5. Complications: Prolonged Ocular Hypotony
    1. Choroidal or Retinal Detachment
    2. Globe atrophy
    3. Permanent Vision Loss
    4. Accelerated Cataract formation
  6. References
    1. Cramer, Berg and Geloneck (2021) Crit Dec Emerg Med 35(7):10-1

Ocular Hypotension (C0028841)

Definition (MSHCZE) Abnormálně nízký nitrooční tlak, často související s chronickým zánětem (uveitidou).
Definition (MSH) Abnormally low intraocular pressure often related to chronic inflammation (uveitis).
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D015814
ICD9 360.30, 360.3
ICD10 H44.4, H44.40
SnomedCT 193283009, 193280007, 19721008, 23670006
English Hypotension, Ocular, Hypotony, Ocular, Ocular Hypotension, Ocular Hypotony, Hypotony of eye NOS, Hypotony of eye unspecified, hypotony of eye (diagnosis), hypotony of eye, intraocular pressure was decreased, Intraocular pressure decreased, Intraocular pressure low, Hypotony NOS, eye, decreased intraocular pressure, decreased intraocular pressure (physical finding), Unspecified hypotony of eye, Ocular Hypotension [Disease/Finding], decrease intraocular pressure, ocular hypotony, ocular hypotension, decreased iop, low intraocular pressure, hypotony ocular, Hypotony of eye unspecified (disorder), Hypotony of eye NOS (disorder), IOP decreased, Hypotony of eye, Decreased intraocular pressure, Ocular hypotony, Globe hypotension, Lowered intraocular pressure, Decreased intraocular pressure (finding), Hypotony of eye (disorder), eye; hypotony, hypotony; eye, Hypotony of eye, NOS, Hypotony of eye, unspecified
Italian Pressione endoculare ridotta, Pressione intraoculare ridotta, Ipotonia oculare non specificata, Pressione intraoculare bassa, Ipotonia oculare, Ipotensione oculare
Dutch intraoculaire druk laag, IOD verlaagd, hypotonie van oog, niet-gespecificeerd, hypotonie; oog, oog; hypotonie, Hypotonie van oog, hypotonie van oog, intraoculaire druk verlaagd, Hypotensie, oculaire, Hypotonie van het oog, Oculaire hypotensie, Oculaire hypotonie
French PIO (pression intra-oculaire) diminuée, Pression intraoculaire basse, Hypotonie oculaire, non précisée, Pression intra-oculaire diminuée, Hypotension oculaire, Hypotonie oculaire
German Hypotonus, des Auges, unspezifisch, intraokulaerer Druck niedrig, Hypotonia bulbi, intraokulaerer Druck erniedrigt, Augeninnendruck, verminderter, Okuläre Hypotension, Okuläre Hypotonie
Portuguese Hipotonia intra-ocular NE, Tensão intra-ocular baixa, Pressão intra-ocular diminuída, Hipotensão intra-ocular, Tensão intraocular diminuída, Hipotensão Ocular, Hipotonia Ocular
Spanish PIO disminuida, Presión intraocular baja, Hipotonía del ojo no especificada, disminución de la presión intraocular, hipotonía ocular no especificada (trastorno), hipotonía ocular no especificada, hipotonía ocular, SAI (trastorno), hipotonía del ojo, SAI, hipotonía ocular, SAI, hipotensión del globo ocular, hipotonía ocular (trastorno), hipotonía ocular, presión intraocular disminuida (hallazgo), presión intraocular disminuida, Hipotonía del ojo, Presión intraocular disminuida, Hipotensión Ocular, Hipotonía Ocular
Japanese IOP低下, ガンアツテイカ, IOPテイカ, テイガンアツ, 低眼圧, 眼圧低下, ガンアツテイチ, 眼圧低値
Swedish Lågt ögontryck
Finnish Silmän hypotonia
Czech Hypotonie oka, Nitrooční tlak nízký, NOT snížený, Nitrooční tlak snížený, Blíže neurčená hypotonie oka, oční hypotenze, oční hypotonie, oči - hypotenze
Korean 눈의 저안압
Polish Niedociśnienie oczne
Hungarian Szem hypotoniája, nem meghatározott, Szem hypotoniája, Szembelnyomás csökkent, Szembelnyomás alacsony, IOP csökkent
Norwegian Okulær hypotoni, Okulær hypotensjon, Hypotoni i øyet
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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