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Eye Examination

Aka: Eye Examination, Eye Exam, Preventive Eye Examination, Preventive Eye Exam, Eye Vital Signs, Five Vital Signs of the Eye
  1. See Also
    1. Neonatal Eye Exam
    2. Pediatric Eye Exam
    3. Eye Neurologic Exam
    4. Eye Examination Signs of Chemical Dependency
    5. Emergency Eye Kit
    6. Funduscopic Exam
    7. Slit Lamp
    8. Globe Ultrasound
    9. Neurologic Anatomy of the Eye
    10. Eye Anatomy
    11. Extraocular Movement
    12. Eye Neurologic Exam
    13. Eye Anatomy
    14. Oculocephalic Reflex
    15. Nystagmus
    16. Eye Deviation
  2. Indications: Acute Complaints
    1. Eye Injury
    2. Eye Pain
    3. Acute Red Eye
    4. Acute Vision Loss
    5. Eye Discharge
    6. Double Vision
    7. Light Flashes or Floaters
  3. Indications: Routine Eye Exams
    1. Black patients (higher risk of Glaucoma)
      1. Age 20 to 40: Baseline exam at age 20 years and then every 2-4 years
      2. Age 40 to 54: Every 1-3 years
      3. Age 55 to 64: Every 1-2 years
    2. White patients
      1. Age 40 to 54: Every 2-4 years
      2. Age 55 to 64: Every 1-3 years
      3. Age over 65: Every 1-2 years
  4. Anatomy: Images
    1. EyePupillaryReactionNeuroPath.png
    2. EyePupillaryReaction.png
    3. eye_eom.png
  5. Exam: Basic (primary care and emergency department) - Five Vital Signs of the Eye
    1. Visual Acuity
    2. Visual Field testing
    3. Pupilary light reflex and pupil size (Mydriasis, Miosis)
    4. Eye Neurologic Exam (including Extraocular Movements)
    5. Intraocular Pressure
  6. Exam: Comprehensive Eye Exam (Ophthalmology)
    1. Indications (see routine Eye Exam schedule above)
    2. Visual Acuity
    3. Dilated Eye Exam with Retinal Exam
    4. Tonometry
    5. Visual Field Testing
  7. Exam: Tools
    1. See Emergency Eye Kit
    2. Funduscopic Exam (Retinal Exam)
      1. Strongly consider Mydriatic use in acute presentations where Retinal Exam is key (if not contraindicated)
      2. See Funduscopic Exam
      3. Retinal artery Occlusion
      4. Retinal Detachment
      5. Papilledema
    3. Tonometry (e.g. Tonopen or Applanation Tonometry)
      1. Glaucoma
    4. Slit Lamp
      1. Corneal Abrasion or other injury
      2. Foreign body
    5. Globe Ultrasound
      1. Evaluate for Retinal Detachment
      2. Evaluate for Increased Intracranial Pressure
  8. Exam: Eye Injury
    1. See Eye Injury in Sports
    2. See Work-Related Eye Injury
    3. See Blunt Eye Trauma
    4. Apply topical Anesthesia (e.g. topical tetracaine)
    5. Fluorescein
      1. Corneal Abrasion
      2. Corneal Laceration
      3. Globe Rupture
    6. Eye Acidity Test
      1. Eye Chemical Burn
    7. Upper Eyelid Eversion (and lower Eyelid Eversion)
      1. Eye Foreign Body

Ophthalmic examination and evaluation (C0200149)

Definition (NCI) A test performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist assessing vision and ability to focus on and discern objects, as well as other tests and examinations pertaining to the eyes.
Concepts Health Care Activity (T058)
ICD9 95.09
ICD10 92021-00
SnomedCT 225688004, 36228007
Italian Esame oftalmologico, Esame dell'occhio, Esame dell'occhio NAS
Dutch oogonderzoek NAO, oogonderzoek, gezichtsvermogen; onderzoek, onderzoek; gezichtsvermogen, onderzoek; oog, oog; onderzoek, oftalmologisch onderzoek
French Examen oculaire SAI, Examen de l'oeil, Examen ophtalmologique
German Augenuntersuchung, Augenuntersuchung NNB, Ophthalmologische Untersuchung
Portuguese Exame ocular, Exame ocular NE, Exame oftalmológico
Spanish Examen de la vista NEOM, Examen de los ojos, examen del ojo, examen ocular, examen oftalmológico, exploración y evaluación oftálmica (procedimiento), exploración y evaluación oftálmica, Examen oftalmológico
Japanese 眼科検査, 眼の検査, 眼の検査NOS, ガンカケンサ, メノケンサ, メノケンサNOS
English examination of eyes (physical finding), examination of eyes, eye exam, Eye examination NOS, General eye examination, eye examination, Ophthalmic examination and evaluation, ophthalmologic examination, Eye exam NOS, Ophthalmological examination, ophthalmological services examination with evaluation, ophthalmological services examination with evaluation (treatment), Examination of eye (procedure), Eye exam, Eye--Examination, Examining eye, Examination of eye, Ophthalmic examination, Eye examination, Ophthalmic examination and evaluation (procedure), examination; eye, examination; vision, eye; examination, vision; examination, Ophthalmic examination and evaluation, NOS, Eye examination, NOS, Ophthalmologic Examination, Eye Examination, Eye Exam, Eye examination, not otherwise specified
Czech Oční vyšetření, Vyšetření oka, Vyšetření oka NOS
Hungarian Szemészeti vizsgálat, Szemvizsgálat k.m.n., Szemvizsgálat
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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