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Aka: Insulinoma, Pancreatic Islet Cell Tumor
  1. Symptoms and Signs
    1. See Hypoglycemia
  2. Radiology (Localize tumor)
    1. CT Abdomen
    2. UltrasoundPancreas
  3. Management
    1. See Hypoglycemia
    2. Surgical excision
    3. Medical Therapy (If surgery delayed or ineffective)
      1. Diazoxide 300-1200 mg/day IV/PO PLUS a Diuretic
      2. Octreotide 150-150 ug/day divided doses SC

insulinoma (C0021670)

Definition (MSHCZE) Vzácný nádor slinivky břišní produkující nadměrná množství inzulinu. Způsobuje časté hypoglykemie. (cit. Velký lékařský slovník online, 2013 http://lekarske.slovniky.cz/ )
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) An abnormal mass that grows in the beta cells of the pancreas that make insulin. Beta cell neoplasms are usually benign (not cancer). They secrete insulin and are the most common cause of low blood sugar caused by having too much insulin in the body.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) An abnormal mass that grows in the beta cells of the pancreas that make insulin. Beta cell neoplasms are usually benign (not cancer). They secrete insulin and are the most common cause of low blood sugar caused by having too much insulin in the body.
Definition (NCI) An insulin-producing neuroendocrine tumor arising from the beta cells of the pancreas. Patients exhibit symptoms related to hypoglycemia due to inappropriate secretion of insulin.
Definition (NCI) An insulin-producing neuroendocrine tumor arising from the beta cells of the pancreas. It may or may not be associated with inappropriate secretion of insulin and an associated clinical syndrome.
Definition (MSH) A benign tumor of the PANCREATIC BETA CELLS. Insulinoma secretes excess INSULIN resulting in HYPOGLYCEMIA.
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D007340
ICD10 M8151/0
SnomedCT 134154009, 25324008, 302822000
English beta Cell Tumor, beta-Cell Tumor, beta-Cell Tumors, Insulinoma, Insulinomas, Insuloma, Insulomas, Tumor, beta-Cell, Tumors, beta-Cell, Adenoma, beta-Cell, Adenoma, beta Cell, Adenomas, beta-Cell, beta-Cell Adenomas, INSULINOMA, beta-Cell Adenoma, Pancreatic Insulin Producing Neoplasm, Insulinoma NOS, [M]Insulinoma NOS, Insulinoma [Disease/Finding], insuloma, insulinomas, Pancreatic Insulinoma, Pancreatic Insulin Producing Tumor, Pancreatic Insulin Producing NET, Pancreatic Insulin-Producing Neuroendocrine Tumor, [M]Insulinoma NOS (morphologic abnormality), beta cell tumor of the pancreas, pancreatic insulin-producing tumor, beta cell neoplasm, Beta cell adenoma, Insulinoma (disorder), Insulinoma (morphologic abnormality), islet cell insulinoma, pancreatic insulinoma, beta-cell; adenoma, pancreas, beta-cell; tumor, pancreas, beta-cell; tumor, unspecified site, insulinoma; pancreas, insulinoma; unspecified site, adenoma; beta-cell, pancreas, pancreas; adenoma, beta-cell, pancreas; beta-cell tumor, pancreas; insulinoma, pancreas; tumor, beta-cell, tumor; beta-cell, pancreas, tumor; beta-cell, unspecified site, Insulinoma, NOS, Insulin-Producing Islet Cell Tumor, Insulin-Producing Tumor of Islet Cells, Insulin-Producing Tumor of the Islet Cells, Pancreatic Beta Cell Tumor, Beta Cell Tumor of Pancreas, Beta Cell Tumor of the Pancreas, Beta Cell Tumor, insulinoma
Swedish Insulinom
Japanese インスリノーマ, インスリノーマ, インシュリノーマ, インスリン分泌性島細胞腫, ベータ細胞腫瘍, ベータ細胞腺腫, インスリン分泌性膵島細胞腫, 腺腫-ベータ細胞, 膵島細胞腫-インスリン分泌性
Finnish Insulinooma
Czech Inzulinom, inzulinom, nezidiom, insulinom
Italian Tumore delle cellule beta, Adenoma delle cellule beta, Insuloma, Insulinoma
Polish Nowotwór komórek beta trzustki, Insulinoma
Hungarian Insulinoma
Norwegian Betacellesvulst, Insulinom, Betacelleadenom, Betacelletumor
Spanish [M] insulinoma SAI (anomalía morfológica), [M] insulinoma SAI, adenoma de células beta, adenoma insular de células beta, insulinoma (anomalía morfológica), insulinoma (trastorno), insulinoma, Insulinoma, Adenoma de Células beta, Insuloma, Tumor de Células beta
French Nésidioblastome, Tumeur des cellules bêta, Insulinome, Tumeur bêta-langerhansienne
Dutch adenoom; bèta-cel, pancreas, bèta-cel; adenoom, pancreas, bèta-cel; tumor, niet gespecificeerde lokalisatie, bèta-cel; tumor, pancreas, insulinoom; niet gespecificeerde lokalisatie, insulinoom; pancreas, pancreas; adenoom, bèta-cel, pancreas; bèta-celtumor, pancreas; insulinoom, pancreas; tumor, bèta-cel, tumor; bèta-cel, niet gespecificeerde lokalisatie, tumor; bèta-cel, pancreas, insulinoom, Insulinoom, Adenoom, bètacel-, Bètaceltumor
German Adenom, Beta-Zell-, Beta-Zell-Tumor, Insulinom, Isulinom
Portuguese Insulinoma, Adenoma de Células-beta, Insuloma, Tumor de Células-beta
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Islet Cell Tumor (C0242363)

Definition (NCI) A neoplasm with neuroendocrine differentiation that arises from the pancreas. It includes neuroendocrine tumors (low and intermediate grade) and neuroendocrine carcinomas (high grade).
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D007516
ICD10 D13.7
SnomedCT 261713004, 188855000, 154609001, 269636003, 128878003, 76345009, 237596009, 399528006, 126864006
English Island Cell Tumor, Island Cell Tumors, Islet Cell Tumors, Nesidioblastoma, Tumor, Island Cell, Tumor, Islet Cell, Tumors, Island Cell, Tumors, Islet Cell, Pancreatic Endocrine Neoplasm, Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour, Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, neoplasm of islets of Langerhans (diagnosis), neoplasm of islets of Langerhans, islet cell tumors, islet cell tumour, endocrine pancreas tumors, islet cell tumor, endocrine pancreas tumor, endocrine pancreatic tumors, islet cell adenoma, pancreatic endocrine tumor, nesidioblastoma, Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasm, Endocrine tumor of pancreas, Endocrine tumour of pancreas, Islet cell tumour, Pancreatic endocrine tumor, Pancreatic endocrine tumour, Islet cell tumor, Islet Cell Tumor, Tumor of endocrine pancreas, Tumour of endocrine pancreas, Islet cell neoplasm (morphologic abnormality), Islet cell neoplasm, Islet cell tumor (morphologic abnormality), Neoplasm of islets of Langerhans (disorder), Neoplasm of islets of Langerhans, Tumor of endocrine pancreas (disorder), islet cell tumor; pancreas, islet cell; tumor, pancreas, nesidioblastoma; pancreas, nesidioblastoma; unspecified site, pancreas; islet cell tumor, pancreas; nesidioblastoma, pancreas; tumor, islet cell, tumor; islet cell, pancreas
Spanish neoplasia de células de los islotes pancreáticos, Tumor pancreático neuroendocrino, Tumor de Células de los Islotes Pancreáticos, neoplasia de células de los islotes pancreáticos (anomalía morfológica), neoplasia de islote celular (anomalía morfológica), neoplasia de islote celular, neoplasia de los islotes de Langerhans (trastorno), neoplasia de los islotes de Langerhans, nesidioblastoma, tumor de células de los islotes (anomalía morfológica), tumor de células de los islotes, tumor de células insulares, tumor del células del islote pancreático, tumor del páncreas endócrino (trastorno), tumor del páncreas endócrino, Nesidioblastoma
Portuguese Tumor de Células das Ilhotas Pancreáticas, Tumor neuroendócrino pancreático, Nesidioblastoma
French Tumeur neuroendocrinienne pancréatique, Tumeur langerhansienne, Tumeur des ilots pancréatiques, Tumeur des îlots de Langerhans, Tumeur des ilots de Langerhans
Dutch neuro-endocriene tumor in de pancreas, eilandcel; tumor, pancreas, eilandceltumor; pancreas, nesidioblastoom; niet gespecificeerde lokalisatie, nesidioblastoom; pancreas, pancreas; eilandceltumor, pancreas; nesidioblastoom, pancreas; tumor, eilandcel, tumor; eilandcel, pancreas, Eilandceltumor, Nesidioblastoom
German neuroendokriner Pankreastumor, Inselzelltumor
Italian Tumore neuroendocrino pancreatico, Tumore delle cellule insulari, Nesidioblastoma
Japanese 膵神経内分泌腫瘍, スイシンケイナイブンピシュヨウ, スイシンケイナイブンピツシュヨウ
Czech Pankreatický neuroendokrinní nádor, tumor z ostrůvkových buněk, nesidioblastom
Hungarian Hasnyálmirigy neuroendocrin tumor
Norwegian Nesidioblastom, Øycellesvulst, Øycelletumor
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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