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Radiopaque Foreign Body

Aka: Radiopaque Foreign Body, Radiopaque Toxin, Radio-opaque Foreign Body, Radiolucent Foreign Body, Radiodense Foreign Body
  1. See Also
    1. Radiodensity
  2. Definition
    1. Radiopaque (or radio-opaque)
      1. Visible objects on XRay
    2. Radiolucent
      1. Objects not visible on XRay
  3. Imaging: Toxins radiopaque on XRay (Mnemonic=COINS)
    1. Chloral Hydrate, Cocaine packets
    2. Opiate Packets
    3. Iron and Heavy Metals (e.g. Lead, Mercury, Arsenic)
    4. Neuroleptic agents
    5. Sustained release products, enteric coated preparations
  4. Imaging: Foreign Body
    1. Radiopaque foreign bodies
      1. Dentures
      2. Some bones (e.g. fish spines)
      3. Metal or aluminum (coins, batteries)
      4. Glass
      5. Pencil graphite
      6. Teeth
      7. Gravel or stone
    2. Intermediate lucency
      1. Plastic
      2. Wood
      3. Thin aluminum (e.g. soda can tabs)
    3. Radiolucent foreign bodies
      1. Fish bones (esp. thin bones)
      2. Chicken bones
      3. Food bolus
      4. Toothpick
  5. Imaging: Nephrolithiasis
    1. Radiodense (radiopaque) stones
      1. Calcium Oxalate Stones
      2. Struvite Stones
    2. Intermediate stone lucency
      1. Cystine Stones
    3. Radiolucent stones (not visible on XRay)
      1. Uric Acid stones

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